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The Olympic Work Force

July 1st, 2012

As the 2012 Olympic Games in London start to get closer, people around the world are getting geared up to watch their country’s athletes compete on the world stage. With around 10 million people expected to visit London for the Olympics, and with 1.2 million travelling from overseas, the London Olympics will be a grand stage for the great athletes of the world. What some people don’t realize is that in order for London to pull of this great feat they are going to need a mass amount of manpower. The London Olympics will pay over 100,000 people to work the Games. The organization in charge of running this massive operation is called the London 2012 Organizing Committee (LOCOG). When the Olympic games take off, the LOCOG will have a workforce of 6,000 full-time and part-time staff. There are a variety of jobs that the LOCOG will fill for the Olympics. These roles include customer service, hospitality, operations, helpdesk, facilities management, and administration roles.


London is using the Olympics as an opportunity to give the unemployed the opportunity to earn a paycheck by performing various jobs during the Olympics. The unemployed will be able to perform jobs that range from catering and hospitality, cleaning and waste, event services, and security. The LOCOG believes that the Olympics is great stage for change and to implement this change, they believe that offering working opportunities for the unemployed is a starting point.


The London Olympics will also be offering contractor jobs. One contracting job will involve positions pertaining to catering and hospitality. Some of the positions will be chefs, food service assistance, and bar staffs. Event services will also be another contracting job that is needed for the London Olympics. Event services are responsible for helping spectators by ushering, way finding, and monitoring access at the various venues. Event services will be responsible for helping all spectators enjoy their experience at the Olympics. Another sector that the LOCOG will be contracting jobs for is the retail sector. The LOCOG expects to sell over 10,000 Olympic products all over London and the UK. The retail jobs will involve managing the retail stores by providing excellent customer service, knowledge of the products, and working in a fast pace environment. The last two contracted jobs are security and traffic management. Security positions will involve security duty managers and the screening and searching of officers. Security’s main purpose is to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators of the 2012 Olympic games. Traffic management will be in charge of parking and the managing of traffic around the major venues of the Olympic games.


The research carried out by Lloyds Banking Group, suggests that the 2012 Olympic games will bring in around £16.5 billion for the UK economy over the next few years. Most of this increase in the economy will be due to the building of venues such as the Olympic Park. Around 57% of the £16.5 billion will be due to the construction activity involved with creating appropriate venues for the Olympics. The economic boost cannot and will not be achieved without the workforce required to put on a grand event such as the Olympics. At a time of unease with the European Union, London is hoping that the Olympics will help offset the woes and uncertainty the EU is currently experiencing.



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