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U.S. Chamber Rebuilds America

September 3rd, 2007

A new initiative announced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will spur billions in infrastructure investments, meaning a boom for industrial construction executives and financial and banking executives looking to new investments.


“We’re rapidly running out of capacity, and it’s already costing us jobs, productivity, competitiveness, mobility, and most tragically, innocent American lives,” said chamber president and CEO Thomas J. Donohue. “We must begin now to build a modern and safe infrastructure system. The business community must lead the way to make this happen.”


Donohue announced that the chamber would organize, fund, and lead a multimillion-dollar initiative called “Let’s Rebuild America.”


The four key goals of the plan include:


Bullet Arrow Documenting the problem with solid research, including state-by-state infrastructure report cards
Bullet Arrow Educating citizens and policymakers about the benefits of infrastructure and the cost of failure
Bullet Arrow
Unlocking pent-up private investment by removing legal and regulatory impediments
Bullet Arrow Boosting public investment through congressional reauthorizations and public-private partnerships and stopping the diversion of infrastructure funds to other programs.


“We can create American jobs, reduce congestion, clean the air, succeed in a global economy, and save thousands of innocent lives by expanding both private and public investment in our infrastructure,” Donohue told business executives. “The benefits are great. The price of failure is high. We are going to make sure that the American people hear that message over and over again and hold their elected officials accountable.”



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