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Executive Search Firm Newsletter - April 2007

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RSI Executive Search Firm Company Newsletter, April 2007

Issue: #31
Date: April 2007

April 2007 Newsletter: Leading in The 21st Century And The Complexities It Brings 
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This Month in the RSI Newsletter
» Leading in The 21st Century And The Complexities It Brings


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Newsletter Icon Leading in The 21st Century And The Complexities It Brings


With the emergence of globalization, technology, and for the first time, three generations in the workplace, managers, are faced with solving more complex issues in the workplace than their predecessors. Not only does globalization require organizations to remain innovative within their industry, but the introduction of technology also requires continuous adaptation in order to remain competitive in the business world. Further, for the first time ever, workplaces are occupied by three different generations: Baby-Boomers, Generation Y, and Generation X.


Considering the challenging conditions the referenced circumstances present to the workplace, it has become more important than ever for managers to ensure that when issues arise in their organization, they are equipped with the necessary tools to manage and offer solutions to their organizations. Realizing the complex, confusing transformation organizations have undergone within the past twenty years, leading authorities within management have conducted extensive research in the field in an effort to offer some relief to the chaos many mangers currently experience.







In the book, "Reframing Organizations" (2003), authors Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal promote the idea of "reframing." In other words, Bolman and Deal advocate for managers to look at situations from more than one angle, especially their own, in order to fully grasp a situation or issue at hand and deliver the most appropriate response. Specifically, Bolman and Deal claim that organizations operate under four frames:


The Structural Frame -which encourages structuring groups and teams in a manner to get results.


The Human Resource Frame -which encourages organizations to recognize and satisfy the human need and promote positive interpersonal and group dynamics.


The Political Frame -which encourages organizations to learn to cope with power and conflict and deal with internal and external politics.


The Symbolic Frame -which encourages organizations to foster a culture that gives purpose and meaning to work and builds team morale through rituals, ceremonies, and traditions.





Bolman and Deal encourage managers to use reframing as a means to find new, creative opportunities in navigating the organizational complexity that persists in the workplace. By using the structural, human resource, political, and symbolic frames in their management practices, managers can prevent cluelessness and ensure consciousness. Or as Bolman and Deal state:


"Modern organizations often rely too much on engineering and too little on art in searching for attributes such as quality, commitment, and creativity. Art is not a replacement for engineering but an enhancement. Artistic leaders and managers help us see beyond today's performance. The leader as artist relies on images as well as memos, poetry as well as policy, relfection as well as command, and reframing as well as refitting."


While no management solution promises to cure the complexities and chaotic nature of organizations, the four frames nonetheless provides managers with a valuable, almost liberating tool when they realize there is always more than one way to respond to a problem, which not only empowers the manager, but ultimately the organization itself.


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