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Executive Search Firm Newsletter - September 2011

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RSI Executive Search Firm Company Newsletter, September 2011

Issue: #31
Date: September 2011

September 2011 Newsletter: Creating a “Near-Perfect” Job Advertisement 
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This Month in the RSI Newsletter
» Creating a “Near-Perfect” Job Advertisement


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Newsletter Icon Creating a “Near-Perfect” Job Advertisement


Writing a job posting that reels in top talent in today’s workforce can be an extremely daunting task. Even the most experienced Human Resources Managers and Recruiters are strained to write an engaging job advertisement that not only lists the responsibilities of the position, but also elicits a strong interest from well-qualified candidates. Today, Twenty First Century job seekers are not only interested in what a position pays and what the benefits are, but they are also comparing you to the competitors in the industry.


Of course the selling points of a company are very important. The office culture and ethics, benefits, growth opportunities, and the flexibility of the employer are just a few of the things that candidates are looking for when they are considering applying for employment with an organization. As the competition for top talent continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate between employers, benefits such as those mentioned earlier are not only critical for companies to offer their employees, but they also become imperative factors when looking to hire successful employees. If your organization is like most, you are not only looking to hire an employee, but you also want to bring on board an exceptional employee.







Once a company has gone to the effort to implement enticing benefits to encourage stellar applicants to consider employment with their company, what should the next steps be? Should organizations sit back and try to anticipate a flood of near-perfect resumes, all so phenomenal that they are unsure of whom they will chose right away? Unless you are an extremely popular and well-known company, do not count on this. The majority of companies are relegated to using job boards and print advertisement to both gather and foster interest in their organization.


How is it then that a company can stand out above their peers and the sea of job postings on sites like Career Builder and Monster and gain collective interest from the highly sought-after candidates before their competition? First of all, an excellent and effective job positing not only captures intrigue on behalf of the candidate, but it also puts your organization in the position to reap the benefits of a great job posting versus a mediocre one based upon the caliber of the candidates who apply.


The primary difference between a great job posting and “boring” one is the level of creativity used to draw in the applicants. The way the posting communicates the requirements, qualifications, and benefits of the job are extremely important as well. Just as candidates work to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd, so too should employers.




When creating a job posting it is important to keep in mind that aside from working to write an alluring ad that will grab their attention, it should also be succinct and to the point. Most candidates are not interested in reading a literary masterpiece; they are mainly concerned with identifying whether or not they have the qualifications for the position and if the organization sounds like an environment where they would fit in.


Ultimately, when creating a job posting, employers should keep in mind that is important to make it simple, with the use of bullet points. It should sell the organization advertised, engage the reader, capture the essentials of the position, clearly state the available benefits, and ensure that contact information is listed. It is worth taking the extra time to write a solid job advertisement when your company is looking to attract the right candidates.


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