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For more than a decade, the Reaction Search New York City Real Estate Executive Job Search Specialty Team has provided its real estate clients with superior real estate talent acquisitions by matching top real estate industry professionals with employers in the New York City, New York Metro Area.

Whether you are seeking a CEO or to build an entire real estate team virtually overnight, Reaction Search New York City Real Estate executive recruiters is the answer; we connect time-strapped employers with talented real estate industry candidates.

Our highly trained international recruiters have real-world real estate industry experience and insight, making them the best suited for conducting financial executive recruiting to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations.

The New York City Real Estate Executive Staffing Specialty Teams provides executive placement services for clients in the Advertising, Biotechnology, Banking, Business Services, Information Technology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Outsourcing, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications industries.

Our Real Estate Executive Recruiters team specializes in the following search areas:

  • Agent
  • Broker
  • Appraiser
  • Inspector
  • Mortgage Broker/ Mortgage Lender

A Nationwide Real Estate Executive Search Firm Network in New York City, NY:

As a nationwide real estate industry executive search firm with an expansive network of professional real estate executive recruiters located in most major cities across the nation, Reaction Search and its real estate recruiters in New York City are dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting, and delivering the highest-caliber real estate industry professionals by utilizing an established process in matching and delivering high-caliber real estate industry candidates, who are prepared to begin contributing to your company immediately, with positions that fit their unique skill set.

What sets RSI’s New York City Real Estate Job Recruiters apart from others?

One of the many dimensions that make our real estate industry recruiters truly unique is the fact that they are real estate executive industry insiders. Our New York City real estate executive placement firm has people who have actually worked in the positions for which they now recruit talent. With this unique insight and perspective, they are better equipped to deliver search results that continue to uphold and ensure our firm’s consistently high retention rates within the New York City Real Estate Executive Recruiting Agency.

Because our New York City headhunters are familiar with the key New York City real estate industry players and the “ins and outs” of the New York City real estate field, they know the questions to ask, and are able to quickly and effectively assess candidate competency. These insights amongst other dimensions enable our New York City real estate recruiters to consistently recruit premium real estate industry candidates. These are just a few of many ways in which our New York City real estate search recruitment team distinguish themselves from executive recruiters who are just trying to hastily fulfill an executive job search.

From start-up to Fortune 500 companies, our extensive New York City real estate industry knowledge base and proven track record of accomplishments enables our firm, RSI, to expeditiously and thoroughly tailor and fulfill each New York City Real Estate Executive Recruiting. Simply, we provide outstanding service and bottom line results by servicing a comprehensive range of disciplines.

New York City, New York Executive Search Recruiters

New York City’s economy is the largest regional economy in the United States. In 2010 the New York metropolitan area generated around $1.28 trillion of gross metropolitan product. Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the world. The city’s economy is very diverse. It is a center for art, mass media, journalism, publishing, and creative industries such as new media, advertising, fashion, design, and architecture. But, the industries that form the backbone of NYC’s economy are finance, insurance, health care, and real estate. New York City is home to the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the two largest stock exchanges in the world by market capitalization. Both are located on Wall Street, a world-famous financial district in downtown NYC. Wall Street is also home to the New York Board of Trade, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and many other large financial institutions. New York City is also home to many biotech and pharmaceutical companies, such as: Bristol Myers Squibb, ImClone Systems, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Regeneron, and many others. The city is home to over 60,000 licensed physicians and 127 Nobel laureates. Also, NYC’s television and film industry is the second largest in the country, after Hollywood. The city’s movie industry employs over 100,000 people and contributes over $5 billion to the economy every year. Manufacturing is still an important economic sector. Food production is a $5 billion industry. It employs over 19,000 people, many whom are immigrants. In addition, New York City’s strategic location along the Hudson River makes it an important city for domestic and international trade.

Fortune 500 Companies

There are more Fortune 500 Companies in New York City than any other city in the US. In 2012 there were 40 Fortune 500 Companies in New York City and 6 more in New York and within 50 miles of NYC. The NYC Metro Area extends to New Jersey and Connecticut where a couple dozen other Fortune 500 Companies are located. Below is a list of the top 20 2012 Fortune 500 Companies in New York, within 50 miles of NYC, based on 2011 revenues and profits. There are many giant, well-known companies on this list.

  Company Rank City (distance from NYC) Revenues
in $ millions
Profits in
$ millions
Market Value in $ millions (3/29/12)
Arrow Orange

Verizon Communications 15 NYC 110,875 2,404 107,948
Arrow Orange

JP Morgan
Chase & Co.
16 NYC 110,838 18,976 174,339
Arrow Orange

International Business
19 Armonk
(39 mi.)
106,916 15,855 241,315
Arrow Orange Citigroup 20 NYC 102,939 11,067 106,925
Arrow Orange INTL FCStone 30 NYC 75,498 37.3 404
Arrow Orange

American International
33 NYC 71,730 17,798 56,792
Arrow Orange MetLife 34 NYC 70,641 6,981 39,381
Arrow Orange Pfizer 40 NYC 67,932 10,009 169,014
Arrow Orange PepsiCo 41 Purchase
(32 mi.)
66,504 6,443 103,694
Arrow Orange Morgan Stanley 68 NYC 39,376 4,110 39,058
Arrow Orange Hess 74 NYC 37,871 1,703 19,865
Arrow Orange

Goldman Sachs Group 80 NYC 36,793 4,442 61,249
Arrow Orange

New York Life Insurance 86 NYC 34,394 557.3 N/A
Arrow Orange TIAA-CREF 88 NYC 34,079 2,388.4 N/A
Arrow Orange News Corp 91 NYC 33,405 2,739 48,096
Arrow Orange

95 NYC 32,282 4,935 69,578
Arrow Orange

Philip Morris International 99 NYC 31,097 8,591 152,667
Arrow Orange Time Warner 103 NYC 28,974 2,886 36,012
Arrow Orange Travelers Cos. 112 NYC 25,446 1,426 23,053
Arrow Orange Alcoa 115 NYC 24,951 611 10,693
Arrow Orange

Bristol-Myers Squibb 134 NYC 21,244 3,709 56,630
Arrow Orange

Time Warner
142 NYC 19,675 1,665 25,234
Arrow Orange Colgate-Palmolive 155 NYC 16,734 2,431 46,370
Arrow Orange

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. 166 NYC 15,804 2,516 28,638
Arrow Orange

L-3 Communications 174 NYC 15,169 956 7,014
Arrow Orange Viacom 177 NYC 14,963 2,136 25,593
Arrow Orange CBS 188 NYC 14,245 1,305 21,309
Arrow Orange Loews 190 NYC 14,127 1,064 15,662
Arrow Orange Omnicom Group 196 NYC 13,873 953 13,714
Arrow Orange

Consolidated Edison 209 NYC 12,938 1,051 16,987
Arrow Orange Icahn Enterprises 223 NYC 11,855 750 4,263
Arrow Orange Marsh & McLennan 231 NYC 11,526 993 17,808
Arrow Orange Avon Products 234 NYC 11,292 513.6 8,266
Arrow Orange

Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America 250 NYC 10,571 209.9 N/A
Arrow Orange BlackRock 283 NYC 9,081 2,337 27,820
Arrow Orange Estée Lauder 290 NYC 8,810 700.8 24,126
Arrow Orange Henry Schein 303 Melville (36 mi.) 8,530.2 367.7 6,809
Arrow Orange Assurant 310 NYC 8,273 545.8 3,532
Arrow Orange

Cablevision Systems 348 Bethpage
(35 mi.)
7,252 291.9 4,273
Arrow Orange Interpublic Group 358 NYC 7,015 532,.3 5,068
Arrow Orange Barnes & Noble 360 NYC 6,999 -73.9 807
Arrow Orange MasterCard 370 Purchase
(32 mi.)
6,714 1,906 54,175
Arrow Orange Jarden 371 Rye (32 mi.) 6,680 204.7 3,677
Arrow Orange McGraw-Hill 384 NYC 6,336 911 13,228
Arrow Orange PVH 419 NYC 5,891 317.9 6,050
Arrow Orange Ralph Lauren 431 NYC 5,660 567.6 16,137
Arrow Orange Foot Locker 435 NYC 5,623 278 4,794
Arrow Orange CIT Group 489 NYC 4,855 26.7 8,285

Fortune 500 Co., NYC Metro Area

Inc. 5000 Companies

As expected, there are many Inc. 5000 Companies in the New York City metropolitan area. According to the 2012 Inc. 5000 list, over 160 NYC area companies saw 3-year percent growth rates of 100% or more. Many of those companies were located in NYC, but this list extends throughout the NYC metro area and into New Jersey. Below is a list of the NYC area companies that made the top 300 of the 2012 Inc. 5000 list. According to this list, the most common high-growth industries in the NYC area are: media, advertising & marketing, telecommunications, insurance, energy, consumer products & services, and health. The NYC economy is so strong and diversified that businesses here are experiencing high growth in almost every kind of industry.

(Inc. 5000 Rank)
(Industry Rank)
3-year % growth 2011 revenue in
$ millions
City/ neigh-borhood (distance from NYC center)
Arrow Orange Livestream (12) Media (1) 126 9,143% 12.3 NYC
Arrow Orange

Spongecell (27)

Advertising & Marketing (4) 46 6,316% 7.6 NYC
Arrow Orange OnForce Solar (43) Energy (4) 22 5,058% 14.9 Bronx (11 mi.)
Arrow Orange Vitals (47) Health (3) 89 4,637% 6.4 Lyndhurst, NJ (13 mi.)
Arrow Orange

Networks (56)
Telecomm-unications (1) 24 4,330% 6 NYC
Arrow Orange

Wall Street Network Solutions (100)
Telecomm-unications (4)
10 3,029% 3.4 Parsippany, NJ (30 mi.)
Arrow Orange

Choice Home Warranty (123) Insurance (2) 59 2,598% 8.4 Edison, NJ (32 mi.)
Arrow Orange Liazon (132) Insurance (3) 62 2,417% 4.5 NYC
Arrow Orange

Discount Cleaning Products (144) Business Products
& Services (8)
5 2,274% 2.8 Cedar Run, NJ (94 mi.)
Arrow Orange

Likeable Media (146) Advertising & Marketing (20) 24 2,225% 4.7 NYC
Arrow Orange

Victor Securities (175) Financial Services (13) 11 1,956% 2.7 Englewood, NJ (15 mi.)
Arrow Orange

Ajax Union (178)

Advertising & Marketing (25) 45 1,939% 2.1 Brooklyn (2 mi.)
Arrow Orange Refinery29 (179) Media (2) 59 1,936% 8.6 NYC
Arrow Orange

International Inspirations (183)

Consumer Products & Services (16) 80 1,901% 46.8 NYC
Arrow Orange Pearl Media (192) Advertising
& Marketing (27)
12 1,840% 8.2 Fairfield, NJ (24 mi.)
Arrow Orange Zenosys (199) IT Services (16) 142 1,820% 5.3 Kendall Park, NJ (42 mi.)
Arrow Orange

HappyFamily Brands (206) Food & Beverage
75 1,772% 34.7 NYC
Arrow Orange

Vanguard Energy Partners (212) Energy (12) 80 1,724% 111.2 Branchburg, NJ (47 mi.)
Arrow Orange

SunDurance Energy (216) Energy (13) 30 1,618% 56.2 Edison, NJ
(32 mi.)
Arrow Orange OSB (240) Human
Resources (4)
40 1,498% 6.8 Short Hills, NJ (22 mi.)
Arrow Orange

ConsumerSoft (247) Software (23) 10 1,449% 5.6 NYC
Arrow Orange (262)

Telecomm-unications (8) 25 1,373% 5.3 Livingston, NJ
(22 mi.)
Arrow Orange Touchstorm (268) Advertising & Marketing (37) 37 1,349% 4.8 NYC
Arrow Orange

MediaMath (271)

Advertising & Marketing (38) 121 1,319% 77.7 NYC
Arrow Orange

Landmark Retail (280) Construction
12 1,299% 3.3 Little Falls, NJ (21 mi.)
Arrow Orange

Urban Office Products (290) Business Products & Services (16) 8 1,270% 8.3 NYC

Top NYC metro area Companies, 2012 Inc. 5000

New York City, New York Real Estate Executive Search City Snapshot:

Welcome to New York City, NY. New York City is the most populated city in the United States, with over 8 million people and growing. The city goes by many names, such as: “The Big Apple,” “The City of Dreams,” “Empire City,” and “The City that Never Sleeps.” NYC, as it is often abbreviated, is “so nice they named it twice.” The city is a collection of five boroughs around New York Harbor in southeastern New York. Those boroughs are: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. New York City is known for its diverse population and its large number of immigrants. The term “melting pot” was first used to describe the NYC’s population as a mixture of cultures from all over the world. New York’s residents speak nearly 800 different languages, making the city the most linguistically diverse in the world. It is a logical place to hold the United Nations Headquarters. NYC is also a financial and entertainment powerhouse. The NYC Metro Area is home to at least two teams in all of the Big Four professional sports (the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, and Islanders) all of which have won at least one championship; and in the Yankee’s case, 27.

Population: 8,175,133
Metropolitan Area: 18.9 million
Major Industries: Finance, Banking, Mass Media, Publishing, Fashion, Architecture, Law, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, International Trade, Advertising, etc.
Attractions: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, One World Trade Center, etc.

Between 2000 and 2012 unemployment rose in New York as it did in the rest of the United States. Over this period NYC’s unemployment rose and fell with that of New York, never getting too far out of control. Unemployment in NYC rose from around 6% in 2000 to over 8% in 2003 following the dot-com bubble burst. At the same time New York’s unemployment peaked at around 6.4% in 2003. NYC’s rates then settled to around 4.5% in 2007 before spiking to nearly 10% in 2009. New York’s cumulative unemployment spiked as well, to around 8.8% in 2010. The national unemployment average peaked at around 10% in 2010. Since 2010 these rates have all dropped slightly. As of December 2012, NYC’s unemployment was around 8.6% and dropping. New York’s unemployment was 8.2% and the national average was 7.8%.

RSI’s Recruiters New York City can best suit executives looking for a premier New York City real estate industry recruitment.

As the leading headhunters in New York City, RSI understands the New York City, New York market for executives and managers looking to be part of the real estate team at some of the nation’s top companies.


Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Being one of the nation’s leading executive search firms, Reaction Search can minimize the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. Our recruiting experts conduct in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients. We conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria, and would be an asset to your organization.


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