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What Qualifies as a "Good" Job Advertisement?
August 1st, 2014

Writing a job posting that attracts top-talent for your industry can be daunting, to say the least. Even the most seasoned Human Resources Manager is strained to write an engaging job advertisement that not only lists the responsibilities of the position, but elicits a sincere interest from a well-qualified candidate. Twenty First Century, job seekers are not only interested in what a position pays (though that is still a mitigating factor), they're sizing you up to your competitor.

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Industry Trend:

401k for Generation Y
August 1st, 2014

According to NAS Insights, Generation Y, those born between 1977 and 1994, make up over 20% of today’s population, or 70 million people. When you talk to Generation Y how many of them do you think are already saving money for retirement? Not as many as there should be. If you look at articles that have been written about this generation the trend seems to be that Generation Y is looking for instant gratification in all parts of their life. Whether this is true or not is open to discussion, but it makes sense in this case. If you analyze a 401k plan there is no instant gratification. A 401k plan is something that is ensuring that you will be able to support yourself when you retire. For Generation Y that may seem to far away to be of any immediate concern.

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Career Corner:

Timing Your Career Move
August 1st, 2014

When you’re thinking about making a move up the corporate ladder at another firm, take your time to find the right position for you. However, knowing when the time is right to jump ship, is crucial in finding a new position.

Here are some warning signs it’s time to look for a new position, according to Martha Heller, managing director of the IT Leadership Practice at ZRG, for

“You report to the CFO now, not to the CEO. Once the CEO restructures and puts you under finance, he or she is sending a clear sign. Unless cutting budgets and watching your pennies is your thing, it is probably time to get out.

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Management Matters:

Sales Executive Must Knows
August 1st, 2014

Sales executives across all markets and products need to have a basic knowledge set according to an executive at Empliant, Inc. With this knowledge set, executives can effectively train their sales force to increase profits.

According to Mike Owen, vice president of HR, sales, marketing, and business development for Empliant, there are “Four Knows” every executive should instill in their sales force.

1. Know the product. Sales executives must possess sufficient knowledge of the product to best match customer needs and wants. They may not need to know roof truss load/deflection formulas, but they sure need to know what a roof truss is and what it does (as well as other components of the product).

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RSI Press Releases

Reaction Search International Completes CIO Search For Intrawest
August 1st, 2014

Executive Search Firm Reaction Search International has placed Jeffrey Grayson as Intrawests CIO. The search was conducted by Robert Boroff, a Managing Director at Reaction Search International.

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Search Firm Case Studies

The RSI Case Studies Section of the News Center was created to keep documentation on the Successful Search Solutions RSI has uniquely provided to it's Clientele.

RSI Case Studies are a record of the extraordinary Search & Recruiting Methodologies that time and time again yield a high R.O.I. for Employers & present high performance Career Opportunities for Candidates.

RSI Search & Recruiting Case Studies

Practice: Finance

Our client-- A U.S.-Based Personal Wealth Management Provider-- had a need for an Inside Sales Manager who was qualified and successful in mentoring business development professionals with entrepreneurial acumen, and strong presentation skills.

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Practice: Medical Device:

Our client--a rapidly growing international Medical Monitoring manufacturer -- had a need for a Sales Recruitment effort for a qualified and successful International Regional Sales Executive who could speak a foreign language. This person needed to have contacts within medical facilities on an international basis and a sales track record to prove it. They also had to have previous technical knowledge of their products.

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