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Networking to Hire 2016
February 1st, 2016

"It's not what you know, it's who you know." We're all familiar with that saying and have found ourselves on the
receiving end of it at some point in our lives. Frequently this adage reveals itself under circumstances when we are in need of assistance or support, job-seekers, in particular, are often confronted with this when others learn that they are seeking employment.

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Industry Trend:

Global Warming Debate Gets Heated 2016
February 1st, 2016

You might want to recheck your ticket before jumping on that “green technology” train. According to some scientists, the public needs to take a step back and look at the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) threat under a different light before taking it at face value. For many corporations and organizations, the green movement is a welcome change, providing a wealth of lucrative business opportunities. In fact, certain leading advocates of the AGW theory have stumbled upon substantial profits from the transition to green technology, including Al Gore, which is disconcerting to many. A number of companies focusing on green products have also entered the market recently due to the upsurge of consumers joining the green movement. However, the reality of effectively mitigating global warming, as pressured by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other climate researchers, may be economically overwhelming and unwise. Though these claims are broadcasted by a comparatively small number of scientists, their findings cannot be easily dismissed.

Opponents of the human global warming threat cite major anomalies within the IPCC’s research methods and measurement systems. According to broadcast meteorologist, Anthony Watts, data found by weather stations are often found through incompetent resources and strewed systems. The IPCC has projected a global temperature rise of one degree Celsius by 2030, yet a number of their reporting stations have been contaminated by the “urban heat island effect,” close-capacity heat sources, or relocation.

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Career Corner:

Essential Personal Skills 2016
February 1st, 2016

Employers are looking for 15 essential personal skills when evaluating candidates, according to the non-profit research organization ACT.

1. Carefulness: Do you have a tendency to think and plan carefully before acting? This helps with reducing the chance for costly errors, as well as keeping a steady workflow going.

2. Cooperation: Willingness to engage in interpersonal work situations is important in the workplace.

3. Creativity: You’ve heard of “thinking outside the box?” Employers want innovative people who bring a fresh perspective.

4. Discipline: This includes the ability to keep on task and complete projects without becoming distracted or bored.

5. Drive: Businesses want employees who have high aspiration levels and work hard to achieve goals.

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Management Matters:

How to Make Effective Decisions 2016
February 1st, 2016

As the hiring manager of your company, have you ever been on the edge about whether or not to hire a potential new employee? How do you make the right decision? When making crucial decisions it is important to look at the whole picture. It would be beneficial to know how much it costs per new hire at your company, which will help you evaluate the pros and cons of your decision. Will the new hire be worth the money it will cost to hire him or her? As the hiring manager, you need to look at what the new hire will add to the company. Also look at where your company stands as a whole. Can you afford to take a risk right now? Here are four steps to guide you in the decision making process:

1) Evaluate the initial impact of the decision
2) Consider the effects of the decision to a broader range
3) Consider the cost/benefit of the decision
4) Pay attention to your gut feeling

If you are a visual learner, then try writing a pro-con list, if you are a verbal learner, then find a confidant that you can talk it out with, if you are an internal person, then think it over for a few days.

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RSI Press Releases

Reaction Search International Completes CIO Search For Intrawest
February 1st, 2016

Executive Search Firm Reaction Search International has placed Jeffrey Grayson as Intrawests CIO. The search was conducted by Robert Boroff, a Managing Director at Reaction Search International.

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Search Firm Case Studies

The RSI Case Studies Section of the News Center was created to keep documentation on the Successful Search Solutions RSI has uniquely provided to it's Clientele.

RSI Case Studies are a record of the extraordinary Search & Recruiting Methodologies that time and time again yield a high R.O.I. for Employers & present high performance Career Opportunities for Candidates.

RSI Search & Recruiting Case Studies

Practice: Finance

Our client-- A U.S.-Based Personal Wealth Management Provider-- had a need for an Inside Sales Manager who was qualified and successful in mentoring business development professionals with entrepreneurial acumen, and strong presentation skills.

Finance Practice Search & Recruiting Case Study >>

Practice: Medical Device:

Our client--a rapidly growing international Medical Monitoring manufacturer -- had a need for a Sales Recruitment effort for a qualified and successful International Regional Sales Executive who could speak a foreign language. This person needed to have contacts within medical facilities on an international basis and a sales track record to prove it. They also had to have previous technical knowledge of their products.

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