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Performance Evaluations: Good or Bad?
November 1st, 2015

On a daily basis, companies are confronted with a myriad of situations that have a significant influence on the overall morale of the organization. However it appears nothing presents a greater obstacle to organizations than maintaining a healthy professional relationship among mangers and employees.

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Protecting Your Health 2015
November 1st, 2015

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other health-related organizations have recently come out with various new regulations and studies that could potentially help prevent health issues for the majority of the population and especially those who are exposed to every day health risks. Whether at the workplace or walking around town, people are exposed to much more harmful activities than most even know possible. Although it is impossible to prevent every bad thing from happening to you, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Everyday activities, like sitting at your office desk, for instance, can prove to be harmful for people’s health. As The Wall Street Journal reported, “A sedentary lifestyle, long believed to contribute to chronic conditions such as heart disease, can increase the risk of colon cancer, according to a stud in the American Journal of Epidemiology.” This is just one of the health risks facing many people both within the United States and throughout the world today. Office work also makes it much more difficult for people to stay active during the day. The FDA is constantly trying to enact reforms that will better protect the population as a whole.

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Career Corner:

Getting the Salary You Deserve 2015
November 1st, 2015

Salary is quite often the determining factor in whether or not an interviewee accepts a job offer. Compensation is also a competing factor for employers who are trying to sway a candidate from accepting an offer at another company. In other instances, many people are often intimidated asking their boss for a raise or a change in benefits, bonuses, or even salary. What can be even more difficult and nerve-racking is negotiating a salary when a candidate first enters the workforce or when they are completely new to an industry. Shefali Anand from The Wall Street Journal states that “although junior-level positions are generally fixed, mid- to senior-level employees and managers have more flexibility to negotiate their salaries.” Even if a person is desperate for work, they should still take the time to confirm they are getting the appropriate payment for the labor they are contributing to the company. The bottom line is, know the worth of both your job and yourself going into any negotiation.

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Management Matters:

The Next Generation: Hiring New Graduates 2015
November 1st, 2015

With the economy slowly heading toward an upswing, employers are looking at what hiring needs to be done in order to expand their businesses and get back to their pre-recession production and success. During the recession, companies were axing many of their employees, as well as demoting and doubling up on employees’ job responsibilities. The last thing on the minds of many employers during the recession was hiring fresh-out-of-college graduates. 2011 is proving to take a turn for the opposite. As The Wall Street Journal reported, “Three out of four companies plan to hire recent college graduates, a new survey shows, in the latest sign of an improving job market for the Class of 2015.”

Graduate Jobs in the Private Sector

There is still a clear split in the economy between the private and public sectors. The amount of college graduates receiving job offers before graduating has increased since last year. Although this is the case, the public sector is struggling to bounce back, the private sector brings a little more confidence to people, especially college graduates. As Sara Murray of The Wall Street Journal states, “But the job market remains uneven. Most hiring is in the private sector, while openings in the public sector, such as teaching, remain scarce. And the influx of another crop of graduates is making things harder for graduates of recent years…”

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RSI Press Releases

Reaction Search International Completes CIO Search For Intrawest
November 1st, 2015

Executive Search Firm Reaction Search International has placed Jeffrey Grayson as Intrawests CIO. The search was conducted by Robert Boroff, a Managing Director at Reaction Search International.

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The RSI Case Studies Section of the News Center was created to keep documentation on the Successful Search Solutions RSI has uniquely provided to it's Clientele.

RSI Case Studies are a record of the extraordinary Search & Recruiting Methodologies that time and time again yield a high R.O.I. for Employers & present high performance Career Opportunities for Candidates.

RSI Search & Recruiting Case Studies

Practice: Finance

Our client-- A U.S.-Based Personal Wealth Management Provider-- had a need for an Inside Sales Manager who was qualified and successful in mentoring business development professionals with entrepreneurial acumen, and strong presentation skills.

Finance Practice Search & Recruiting Case Study >>

Practice: Medical Device:

Our client--a rapidly growing international Medical Monitoring manufacturer -- had a need for a Sales Recruitment effort for a qualified and successful International Regional Sales Executive who could speak a foreign language. This person needed to have contacts within medical facilities on an international basis and a sales track record to prove it. They also had to have previous technical knowledge of their products.

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