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Who's The Better Candidate For Your Company in 2016?
August 1st, 2016

If you're like most companies, when it comes to the interview and hiring process, it can be an exhausting experience that you would just as soon not repeat. Whether you use a search firm like Reaction Search International, or are using other means to recruit talent to your organization, the process alone is an involved one that requires the use of a valuable asset-time--in order to identify and hire the right individual for your available position.

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Industry Trend:

Get Out And Play 2016!
August 1st, 2016

We all know that a regular exercise regimen is key to our mental and physical well-being. It allows us to blow off some steam, get our muscles moving and our heart pumping. But what can you do when your daily exercise has begun to blend in with the rest of your at times monotonous routine?

Experts are finding that a daily exercise routine may no longer be enough to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Most working Americans find themselves sitting still at a desk all day which can lead to a decrease in your metabolism, an increased risk of developing diabetes and reduced cardiovascular health. Even if you exercise daily it’s nearly impossible to counteract the damage done throughout the day. This means that it is critical that throughout the working day you get up and move around a little. Some offices are also adopting new policies to try to improve their employee’s health, including adjustable desks which allow you to stand, desks with treadmills attached and substituting exercise balls for chairs. But what can you do to improve your health outside of the workplace and how can you make exercise fun?

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Career Corner:

Maximize Your Potential 2016
August 1st, 2016

With a new year comes a renewed commitment to career advancement. Start by revaluating your goals, analyze your current situation and formulate a new plan to meet your resolutions.

According to Keith Rosen, author of “Time Management for Sales Professionals,” in a recent article for, there are 10 tips to making your resolutions work for you:

1. Quit Tolerating. Clear out obstacles to your goals, create room for improvements and then create a lists of things that you tolerate and that limit productivity, cause stress and waste time and energy. Make a plan to eliminate these problem areas.

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Management Matters:

Training: How to make it stick... 2016
August 1st, 2016

Training can seem like an easy answer for managers looking to increase employee productivity. However, many managers complain that the training session did not produce any long term effects or that the training participants did not make any changes in their performance. Why is it that companies spend thousands of dollars on training, and yet employees do not seem to benefit from it?

Often time managers implement a training session that fills the employees with knowledge, but not practical skills to make productive changes. Manager assistants are usually put in charge of setting up training, but this is detrimental to the training because the assistant typically is not aware of the day to day tasks of the other employees. When the manager puts the training responsibility on the assistant and is not present at the training, participants believe they are given the option of snoozing through the training because they already know if the manager is not behind the new procedures, then punishments or rewards most likely will not follow. Another mistake made by managers is requiring training attendance of the entire company, and therefore the training is not specific enough to be of benefit to the attendees.

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RSI Press Releases

Reaction Search International Completes CIO Search For Intrawest
August 1st, 2016

Executive Search Firm Reaction Search International has placed Jeffrey Grayson as Intrawests CIO. The search was conducted by Robert Boroff, a Managing Director at Reaction Search International.

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Search Firm Case Studies

The RSI Case Studies Section of the News Center was created to keep documentation on the Successful Search Solutions RSI has uniquely provided to it's Clientele.

RSI Case Studies are a record of the extraordinary Search & Recruiting Methodologies that time and time again yield a high R.O.I. for Employers & present high performance Career Opportunities for Candidates.

RSI Search & Recruiting Case Studies

Practice: Finance

Our client-- A U.S.-Based Personal Wealth Management Provider-- had a need for an Inside Sales Manager who was qualified and successful in mentoring business development professionals with entrepreneurial acumen, and strong presentation skills.

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Practice: Medical Device:

Our client--a rapidly growing international Medical Monitoring manufacturer -- had a need for a Sales Recruitment effort for a qualified and successful International Regional Sales Executive who could speak a foreign language. This person needed to have contacts within medical facilities on an international basis and a sales track record to prove it. They also had to have previous technical knowledge of their products.

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