This week’s Paris Air Show is shaping up as an Airbus extravaganza. While rival Boeing Co. is slated to announce some orders for new jetliners, even executives at the Chicago-based aerospace giant quietly predict their European rival will hog attention on its home turf with deals to sell hundreds of planes.

Airbus, a unit of European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co., normally saves up orders to announce at Europe’s annual aviation-trade event, which alternates between Le Bourget, near Paris, and Farnborough, outside London. This year looks particularly strong, especially for orders from Asia, where economies are growing, credit is flowing and air traffic is booming. Airbus last week announced deals in India and the Philippines with a catalog value of about $10 billion.

Expect a flurry of news around the revamped version of Airbus’s best-selling A320 single-aisle model, the “new engine option” or A320neo. Several big Airbus customers have already indicated they will be announcing A320neo deals.

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