Following the banking crisis many employees from different sectors in the economy have found their jobs affected by the economic slowdown. In particular, financial professionals are overwhelmingly finding themselves faced with the reality that they must find new employment in an increasingly competitive job market.

As displaced professionals scramble to secure employment elsewhere, others are taking the opportunity to market services to the unemployed and potentially retain new business. For instance, Reach Communications (, a personal branding and coaching service for career management, has launched a “Coaching Bailout” ( program. Essentially the program provides unemployed finance/banking professionals from one of the failed banking institutions the opportunity to enlist in a free coaching session to assess their personal brand and resume.

Although it is difficult to assess the exact number of participants who will enlist the assistance of Reach Communications, it is nonetheless a clever marketing platform to consider. Particularly because it essentially offers a test-drive of their service to a specific niche of the unemployed population, who are encouraged to give it a shot given their current employment prospects, and most likely return as a paying customer because such a service provides value—support.

Support in respect that as an unemployed professional they feel vulnerable and discouraged by the economic outlook. Considering this, why wouldn’t they pay for a service that offers them something akin to a career makeover where they develop or strengthen their personal brand, resume, and receive coaching along the way that may boost their confidence as they go through the process of obtaining new employment.