Practice: Branch Manager


Our client, a U.S. based Landscaping and Design firm, worked for some of the most prestigious country clubs and golf courses around the country, had a need for a Branch Manager position based out of the Atlanta, region. Our client was looking for an individual with a strong background in Business Development, experience in financial analysis, budgeting & forecasting, and P&L management.


Our Client is based out of the Houston area and had been for sometime. They were looking to grow the company. We, as recruiters, had the added pressure of knowing that we needed to find a person who we knew would be successful. We also understood that the person we would have to find had to have an interesting mix of landscaping, management and financial experience.


After speaking with our client and understanding how vital this position was to the growth of their company, our team of recruiters scoured the southeastern part of the U.S., looking for someone who would make a perfect fit. Because our clients had such specific criteria for the position, they were able to clearly convey their needs to us. After interviewing only 10 candidates, we were able to find the three that we were looking for, that matched our client’s description. All three candidates, in fact, not only had one interview, but a second by the end of the day. This was truly a showcased RSI’s ability to locate the top talent in a market place!


The hiring of our candidate proved to be extremely important in the ongoing effort of our client to expand and grow across the U.S.

– RSI Search & Recruitment Specialist