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California Voters Vote Yes on Proposition 30

California voters decide to raise their taxes in order to fund education. The California sales tax is being raised from 7.5% from 7.25% which is a 3.45% percentage increase over current law. Since the prop was approved, it will be in effect for the next seven years. Although some believed that going to the people for their money in order to fund education seemed outrageous/insane, the results were more votes yes then no on proposition 30. After doing some research, there were opinions of people who were for Proposition 30 and there were a lot of people who opposed that had things to say about Proposition 30.

Yes on prop 30:

For those who said yes on Prop 30 it was made clear on November 6th 2012, that your vote is accountable for making it pass. The Marin Independent Journal plainly states, “Passage of Proposition 30 would protect public schools — and our children’s educational foundation and opportunities — from being slashed.” This is true that with this proposition in effect, education will be further protected from being diminished due to funding issues. The Los Angeles Times votes yes on Prop 30 for the following reasons, “Two years of belt-tightening have left parts of the state safety net in tatters and pushed college costs out of the reach of many families. Cuts in aid to the poor and working poor in this year’s budget eliminated child-care subsidies for 14,000 children and preschool slots for 12,500 children. State aid for low-income seniors and the disabled is now as low as it was in 1983; welfare checks are smaller than they were 25 years ago. And K-12 spending per pupil remains $1,000 less than it was five years ago. California now spends less per student than all but three states.” The Los Angeles Times makes a good point and that it is about time that California steps up and starts putting more money towards schooling. Education is the key to success for our future.

No on Prop 30:

If you were one of those people who disagreed with Proposition 30 and voted no, things did not go your way this time. The Contra Costa Times had no filter in the way they felt towards Proposition 30, “Proposition 30 is like taking an Alka-Seltzer for your aching head when you need brain surgery. Sure, the pain might lessen for a while, but the root cause remains. Proposition 30 is not so much a solution as it is a cynical political calculation meant to determine just how much the voters will tolerate. And those voters have had to tolerate a lot recently. While claiming poverty, the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown forged ahead with the ill-advised and costly high-speed rail boondoggle.” That quote from the Contra Costa Times shows that there are many people feel that the education money issues are being “swept under the rug,” while the tax payers have to deal with the repercussions. Bakersfield Californian states their opinion, short and simple, “As desperate as the state is for money, we oppose Prop. 30 because it promotes the same bad budgeting policies that pushed the state into the mess it’s in today.”Although this voter makes a good point, the votes swayed yes so we will have to wait and see how the next seven years pans out.


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