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Structuring Your Workday Morning
Jul 25th, 2013
Structuring Your Workday Morning By Robert Boroff | Google + Everyone moves at a different pace in the morning. You’ve seen those “morning people” out there. They’re always ready to go tackle the day, firing on all cylinders at the crack of dawn. Then there are the zombies. These people can’t function…
Workplace Health Plans Help Productivity
Jun 13th, 2013
Workplace Health Plans Help Productivity By Robert Boroff | Google + Healthier employees give corporations a greater competitive advantages by maintaining a higher level of productivity and lower health-care costs, according to a new book. Workplace wellness programs that will help workers stay healthy is a must in the wake of rising…
Maximize Your Potential
May 15th, 2013
Maximize Your Potential By Robert Boroff | Google + With each year comes a renewed commitment to career advancement. Start by revaluating your goals, analyze your current situation and formulate a new plan to meet your resolutions. According to Keith Rosen, author of “Time Management for Sales Professionals,” in a recent article…
Who Doesn’t Want to Live Longer?
Mar 12th, 2013
Who Doesn’t Want To Live Longer? By Robert Boroff | Google + It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like the idea of living a longer and healthier life. While the average life span has gown to be impressively long, I think most would agree that life is still too short. Everybody…
Guidelines to Stay Safe
Jan 11th, 2013
Guidelines to Stay Safe By Robert Boroff  | Google + It is important that you have a few ideas in your head to stay safe and to keep the “bad guys” away. You may be one of those people that think, “Oh that would never happen to me,” but having precautionary…
Unemployed and Feeling Lost
Nov 5th, 2012
Unemployed and Feeling Lost By Robert Boroff | Google + Are you recently unemployed and feeling like it is the end of the world? Sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere past being pathetic. Take some of these tips into consideration and you might find yourself going from unemployed…
Reasons to Make a Job Change
Oct 26th, 2012
Reasons to Make a Job Change Do you ever find yourself being too comfortable in your current job? Being comfortable is one thing, but too comfortable? Or are you unhappy but feel you have no other choice? If your answers are yes to the previous questions, it is time for…
How to deal with discrimination/harassment in the workplace
Oct 24th, 2012
How to deal with discrimination/harassment in the workplace If you ever feel that you are being discriminated against in the work place it is important to take action right away. Some people feel that they don’t have the authority to speak up, but here are a few tips on how…
How to Handle Rejection after a Job Interview
Oct 16th, 2012
How to Handle Rejection after a Job Interview Rejection is something that is hard to take in because let’s face it, who likes to be rejected? As much as we want to avoid it, it is inevitable so it’s great to keep some tips in mind for when the time…
How to Stay Productive When Working From Home
Oct 10th, 2012
How to stay productive when working from home   Sometimes there are those days when you are feeling under the weather and you can’t make it to the office, or you normally work from home, it can be difficult to remain focused when there are many more distractions then when…

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