Developing new skills to help climb the ladder to success should be an ongoing process in any executive’s career, regardless of their level of management.

To keep climbing that ladder, we recommends these tips:

  • Get advice from the top. Establishing personal relationships with mentors is essential to professional growth.
  • Step up and get involved. The best way to raise your visibility within the company is to become involved in cross-departmental projects. This allows you to flex your leadership muscles on projects that will be noticed.
  • Build your credibility. Communicate clearly and effectively with your coworkers and listen carefully when others speak. Be sure to follow through on your promises.
  • Remember those below you. Developing your subordinates becomes a testament to your own leadership skills.
  • Speak up. Charisma is an art that can be learned. Developing your social and public speaking skills can help you to succeed. Anyone can volunteer to speak to service clubs and civic organizations.
  • Variety is vital. Try different job assignments, projects, and development processes.