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E-Learning 2013

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Online education has seen a tremendous amount of growth in recent years as the internet becomes more accessible and the demand for a college degree or specialty training becomes a necessity in today’s job market. E-learning enables mothers to finish their college degree while staying at home with their children, allows executives to enhance their resume with additional online training without missing out on their work experience, enables many individuals to receive certification in a variety of areas, and allows language learning for traveling professionals. Online learning provides many benefits to the learning community, one example is that E-learning students are able to travel across the globe, experiencing their education hands on without missing class time, or allows executives to travel to meet clients while maintaining their training.

The plethora of benefits from online education is the proof of a successful industry which is creating the urgency of online learning in many businesses. Executives who find themselves in obsolete job specializations, jobless due to company cutbacks, or even mid- career individuals who find themselves unsatisfied in their current career, look to online learning to broaden their education base and open the door of opportunity for future employment Education is one of the few industries that experiences growth in times of economic crises, and in today’s economic state, a higher education couldn’t be more valuable since the competition for jobs has increased.

Although there are many benefits to online training, how legitimate is the degree or certification? Do hiring authorities value online diplomas when sourcing resumes? Initially online education was frowned upon and not valued with the same esteem as a traditional education. However, as the need for online education grows and the use of the web by traditional schools increases, online learning has begun to increase in validation. Many traditional schools are offering online versions of their specific programs in order to allow for a more diverse range of students who can benefit from the flexibility of the instruction, but still qualify for a prestigious diploma. Most prestigious colleges do not differentiate between online and in-class diplomas. The amount of time spent in the physical classroom does not determine the student’s diploma as long as the coursework is completed. As an employer, look for accredited schools that follow vigorous standards when reviewing a candidate’s resume. As a student, utilize the online education community to your advantage, but remember online learning holds you accountable for your education, not the classroom.

E-learning may be most beneficial for corporations to use in training their employees for specific company knowledge or allowing them to pursue a higher education. E-learning puts the responsibility on the individual because there is no excuse with the availability and flexibility the internet provides. Corporations are utilizing E-learning to train employees on new technology used in their company, new processes, initial training, and much more. E-learning is on the rise and experiencing industry growth, even in the current market slowdown. In an economic crisis, many working professionals go back to school to enhance their knowledge or broaden their spectrum of knowledge to make them as competitive as possible. No matter what the reasons for participating in online learning, the benefits are wide and the success is high.

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