Employee Morale Dictates Profits

Employee morale is linked to higher levels of customer satisfaction which, in turn, is linked to higher profits, according to an industry survey.

Cross-functional teams have proven to the most effective method – at 60 percent – to engage employees in the corporate environment, according to the “Organizational Strategies for Raising Employee Morale,” conducted by Best Practices, LLC’s Business Excellence Board.

The study found that, in general, large companies increase morale through communication and rewards programs compared to smaller companies, which affect morale by offering flexible career assignments and holding recognition events. Learning about employees’ families and personal lives are highly effective in maintaining high employee morale, noted nearly half of the best-in-class companies in the study.

The white paper, available at www3.best-in-class.com/br114.htm, explores such issues as:

Measurement and decision-making
Frequency of surveys
Budget spent on activities
Responsibilities for funding and implementation
Cost-effectiveness of strategies and tactics