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Guidelines to Stay Safe

By Robert Boroff  | Google +

It is important that you have a few ideas in your head to stay safe and to keep the “bad guys” away. You may be one of those people that think, “Oh that would never happen to me,” but having precautionary does not hurt. Look over a few of these guidelines and learn how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings: You are more likely to be spotted as an easy target if you are on your phone, fiddling through your purse, etc. If the attacker finds that you can be taken off guard, you automatically become an easy target.
  2. Grocery store parking lots/office building parking lots/public restrooms are danger zones: Grocery store parking lots are the most likely place for someone to be attacked. Grocery store parking lots because again, being caught off guard dealing with putting your groceries away is an easy way to be spotted as an easy target.  If you are parked next to a large vehicle (van, truck,etc.) on the drivers side, be cautious when getting into the car because attacks have occurred when the driver is getting in the car, or sitting in the car sending a text (this goes towards women for the most part) because again you are caught off guard and you are in a more vulnerable position to getting attacked. Office building parking lots: Same guidelines as the grocery store parking lots. Look around your car to make sure someone isn’t hiding on the passenger side, if you are feeling a bit nervous have a security guard walk you to your car, it seems extreme but it will give you peace of mind. Public restrooms are a common place for women to be attacked. This all goes back to being aware of your surroundings and being sure that you are prepared for a dangerous situation.
  3. Put up a fight: Your attacker will be far less likely to keep attacking you if you show them you are not going down without a fight. The realization that you are going to keep hitting, scratching, and kicking may become discouraging.
  4. Pepper spray: This stuff is painful so use it with caution. Sometimes you might even be better off yelling, “I have pepper spray and I am not afraid to use it!”  The attacker may only hear the word “pepper” and it could lead to them running in the other direction.
  5. Take self defense classes: If you have some spare time, taking a self defense class can really work to your advantage. You can learn different techniques to fight off any attacker that comes your way. There is absolutely nothing to lose!

With a few of these guidelines in mind you can help prevent future dangerous situations that come your way. So remember: be aware of your surroundings at all times, it can keep you out of a lot of danger !

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