While there may be a plethora of available future employees considering unemployment numbers, there are some people who are simply irreplaceable. Many employers fear losing their most talented employees as these employees are in direct correlation with their company’s success. There are a few steps that you as a manager can take in order to improve your chances of retaining your top employees.

Remember that money is not the only thing that matters to people, especially your most successful employees. While bonuses and raises may certainly help you to retain employees making your employees feel invested in the efforts of your company will likely go a lot further. Make sure you communicate the company’s goals with your employees and make sure that their goals are in line with your. A good way to do this is to ask their input when making key company decisions. Everybody enjoys having their opinions heard and the ability to speak freely is a great asset for employees. It is also important to let your employees know that they play a key part in your company achieving these goals. A little praise and encouragement go along way.

Make sure that top employees feel like they are continually being challenged. Nobody likes doing the same thing day in and day out and if there isn’t an air of challenge inherent in their work they are not going to be satisfied during the work day. A great way to provide new challenges is to expand the responsibilities associated within a specific job title. Ask the star employee what it is they would like to do and which tasks they find most interesting. One great way to expand their role is to call on them to help with staff training, if they are truly a top performer you can be certain they have valuable advice to offer other employees. You should consider their skills and talents when defining this role. If people get the opportunity to exercise these talents they’ll likely take more pleasure in their work and you as an employer will gain high quality results.