How to keep your job during the recession

With the national unemployment rate continuing to climb, there are few people who have not felt the impact of the recession we are currently in. For this reason, it is crucial for those who are currently employed to take the necessary steps to ensure they keep their career during this difficult time. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your career:

1. Never stop networking: No matter how long you have been in your current position, job security is seldom guaranteed. It is smart to always continue networking.
a. Keep in touch with all of your past coworkers and bosses. Continue building the relationships you have already formed and follow up with them even if you are no longer working at the same company.
b. Carry an updated business card or pen and paper with you at all times. Do not be afraid to hand out your contact information to anyone and everyone.
c. Take advantage of all social settings. Whether it is at a wedding or on a flight, there is never a bad time to get to know a stranger.
d. Join everything! From social networking websites to local clubs and associations, put yourself out there to meet new people and create new connections.

2. Consider an alternate career venture: Though you may currently be holding your “dream job” what’s to say it has to end there? Think about how you can generate even more business in the field you are in. Whether it is creating your own online service from home or taking on some consulting work in your industry, explore additional avenues of your work.

3. Go back to school: Think about taking night classes or starting an online program to work towards getting a new degree. As we know, the more education that you have, the more valuable of an asset you are. So consider extended education as a long term investment for your career.

4. Prove yourself: Whether or not layoffs are in your company’s forecast, now is the time to work even harder than usual. Exhibit all that you are capable of by offering to take on more responsibility or spearheading a new project.
Staying optimistic about your career in this threatening time is a positive approach, but it is essential to be sure that you are not ignorant of the risks that this recession holds over your career. Do not sit back and hope to stay employed. Instead, consider alternative options to work towards maintaining your career.