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Intern tips

  1. Do your research of the company/organization: Be sure to know everything you could possibly know about the company before stepping foot in the door. Impress whoever decided to take you on as an intern that you have done your research about what the company is about and their goals are to keep their business afloat. It is also great to write down any questions that you have about their company. It will surely show your interest and that you have obviously done your research about the company.
  2. Have fun: Know that you are starting at a new place, with new people, and it is all a learning experience. In some cases you get paid at internships, and so therefore you are essentially getting paid to learn, so have fun with it. Getting an internship is a whole new step in the right direction of picking up new skills to further you for future opportunities.
  3. Make Connections: Start to get to know the people around you. Making those connections with your coworkers helps you network, and gives you even more of a chance to learn new things about the business you are interning for. Building your communication skills will benefit you in being successful farther down the road.
  4. Accept that you have start somewhere: Keep in mind that you are an intern. You may not get the best tasks but you are starting from the bottom. You are there to learn, and sometimes that means getting small tasks to start with and then continuing to make your way up. It only takes your hard work to start receiving tasks that serve much more importance.
  5. Show Persistence: Keep up with the projects/tasks they are expecting  you to get done. Stay focused and on top of your work load. Once you finish a project be sure to ask what else you can do. Always remain busy to prove that you are worth their while.
  6. Do not be afraid to ask questions:  Do not hesitate to ask questions if you feel you were given a task with no direction, or not enough direction. Anyone who may be giving you these tasks knows you are an intern and that you are there to learn, so asking questions are what they are expecting from you. It is better to ask and know what you are doing and completing the task correctly rather than just trying to complete it not being sure and potentially crashing and burning.
  7. Enthusiasm: With an enthusiastic attitude it will help enforce that you are there to learn and be a part of the team. Seeing your enthusiasm will potentially paint more of a picture that you are ready to work in a professional environment with a positive attitude.



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