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Back in the day when cell phones, computers, Xbox, etc. did not exist; it is hard to remember a world where talking face to face was the only form of communication. Having technology nowadays is convenient but it has to make you wonder if it is beneficial for future generations. Is the lack of being somewhere physically going to affect the way people interact?

For those who grew up in the 90’s, when it came to hanging with friends it was all about the board games, hide and seek, and tag. All games that everyone had to interact with each other and/or work together. Children today seem to be drawn towards video games, cell phones, or things pertaining to the computer. Sometimes you will see a group of kids sitting in a circle, not socializing, texting, Facebooking, or gaming, on their phones/ipads/computer. It’s quite sad to be completely honest. Has it really come to where when hanging amongst friends no one talks to each other but just keeps their eyes glued to their technical devices? If we continue this way are we going to be come socially inept to the point where communication face to face will be too much too handle because of the technological barriers?

Having access to these forms of communication are by no means bad in all aspects. If we work together we have the power to move towards controlling the amount that children are using technology to communicate with each other rather than a face-to-face conversation. From household to household parents should set limitation on the use of computers, cell phones, video games, etc.  Kids will still have access but with the limitation they will be less likely to take advantage of their privileges. Limitation will also allow for more face- to- face contact, eliminating the potential problem of becoming socially inept, due to lack of in person communication.

The length that our technological world has come is incredible. Technology has changed things for the better but it should be kept in mind that overuse can lead to poor communication skills. Talking to someone in person is much different than sending a text message or writing on your friend’s timeline. Lets keep technology from brainwashing future generations and move forward towards more face-to-face communication.

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