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You may find yourself amongst the many individuals who are looking for a new job and realizing the application process is much different than what you expected. The traditional job search methods are slowly becoming obsolete and the vast necessity of the web may seem daunting to job seekers who have not had to look for a new job in quite some time. Online job boards, website application processes, and identity theft all add a new level of competency to the job hunt.

When utilizing job boards such as or, the first issue of concern is if the advertised job is real. Scammers have learned many ways of weeding through job board security in attempts to gain personal information of job seekers by posing as fake job opportunities. NEVER give your social security number, bank account information, or any personal information that seems unnecessary to unknown hiring companies. Beware of generic job postings that do not give specific company information or salary information, these scammers may even correspond over email a few times in order to enhance their credibility. Professionals in the job search field recommend not putting your personal address on your resume and to use a generic (but professional) email address to protect your identity.

Although online job boards may raise some hesitations within the job seeker, they also may be the key to finding your dream job. Keyword searches, geographically centered, and salary matching will help job seekers identify potential job opportunities. While may be useful for entry level positions, job boards such as will be promising for C-level executives. Many job boards will direct job seekers to company application pages on their website that will send resumes directly to the company’s hiring authority. Website application processes often have more credibility if tied to a prestigious company, as well as guiding the job seeker to the company’s website, which will help the candidate gain more information about the company. Knowledge of the company you are applying to can enhance your cover letter and show your personal interest in the company. If you are sending your resume in response to multiple job postings, it is important that you keep track of each position, know the job title and company name, and identify how you would be a fit for the position and the company as a whole.

Many job seekers are applying to a plethora of jobs that may be a stretch considering their background, but with the simplicity of online job applications, one more sent resume is not an additional hassle to the job seeker. Companies are seeing an increase in resume flow and are experiencing difficulty sourcing through the hundreds of resumes while performing daily duties. The excess in resumes weighs on the hiring authorities who are now reaching out to recruiters for help in filtering through the wide array of resumes.

Recruiters and staffing agencies can be effective for job seekers; especially to those who may be discouraged by the ‘impersonalization’ of the online application process and feel their resume does not accurately portray their talents, accomplishments, or unique circumstances. In an age of technology, following the process may be a necessary first step for the job seeker, but networking will be your most promising inside connection. However, even networking can be fostered by your online presence on websites such as, where the transferring of job qualifications and opportunities are exchanged through your online connections.

Utilizing online resources is critical in your job search while exhibiting identity protection techniques and screening for scam job postings. The web has transformed the way individuals seek new employment as well as for hiring authorities looking for their ideal candidate. The availability and accessibility of multiple job opportunities may be promising to the job seeker, but overwhelming to the hiring authority. Therefore, many hiring authorities are looking to online networks that may have specialized groups in order to pin point their ideal candidate. Online job boards, website applications, and networks can have tremendous benefits to job seekers who are willing to follow the steps and utilize the wide range of options available on the web.

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