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RSI JOURNALISM AND PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE SEARCH SOLUTIONS With many years of Journalism and Publishing Executive Search Recruiting under our belt, we understand the Journalism and Publishing industry better than others. Our Executive Search Consultants have several years of collective experience in Journalism and Publishing Executive Search, Recruiting and Consulting. Our clients range from start-up Entertainment personnel and production companies to full-service contract recruiting agencies. We have a proven track record for successful placements within the Journalism and Publishing industry.

At RSI, we offer full-coverage staffing solutions from film producers to executive-level professionals; over 50 percent of our business comes from clients with which we have long-standing relationships.

CONDUCTING JOURNALISM AND PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE SEARCH FOR HIGH QUALITY JOURNALISM AND PUBLISHING CANDIDATES Reaction Search is a nationwide Journalism and Publishing executive search firm dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber Journalism and Publishing professionals. Whether you are seeking a CEO or to build an entire journalism and publishing team virtually overnight, Reaction Search Journalism and Publishing recruitment team is the answer; we connect time-strapped employers with talented journalism and publishing industry candidates.

A NATIONWIDE JOURNALISM AND PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM NETWORKRSI has a network of professional Journalism and Publishing executive search recruiters located in major cities across the country. These recruiters have a proven process to find quality Journalism and Publishing candidates and match them to positions that fit their particular skill set. Many are industry insiders who have worked in the positions for which they now recruit talent, and use this advantage to perpetuate RSI’s extremely high retention rate within the Journalism and Publishing Executive Recruiting Division. They are familiar with the key players and the “ins and outs” of the Journalism and Publishing field. These Journalism and Publishing executive recruiters know the questions to ask, and are able to quickly assess candidate competency. These insights enable them to consistently recruit premium applicants.

DO THEY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR COMPANY RSI’s Journalism and Publishing Executive Search Firm team specializes in specific careers. By determining which career path a candidate wants to take, and whether or not they have what it takes to succeed in such a career, RSI can successfully wrap up the search for your new Journalism and Publishing professional.

Our Journalism and Publishing Recruiting Agencies specializes in the following search areas:

  • News Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Editor and Copyeditor
  • Writer and Copywriter
  • Publisher
  • Graphic Designer/ Book Designer
  • Agent
  • Literary Scout
  • Technical Support Personnel



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