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A great computer hardware technician is one of the keys to any successful company, and we here at Reaction Search International (RSI) are the leaders in providing the top rated candidates to companies across Kansas. As the leader in recruiting, the experts at RSI continue to provide our clients with top level professionals that add to their company’s portfolio. Our Wichita Computer Hardware Executive Search Firm are seasoned professionals that will make a difference in work flow and the culture that surrounds your company. Contact our team to learn about our 25 step process to a successful hire and see why RSI are the leaders in providing true expert computer hardware technicians for your company.

At RSI you will experience one of the top rated recruiting firms in the Midwest and we do not take that title lightly. We have a proven methodology that has been tried and tested in the field to great success. Within this methodology we focus on two main areas, transparently and conciseness. We do not like to waste time, and wish to be as open as possible. If your company wishes to know our methods for hiring your next computer hardware technician, our recruiters will work with you to showcase our methods and show why they work. For your next hire, our Wichita Computer Hardware Executive Search Firm is the automatic choice right here in Wichita.

Here at RSI our methodology is not our only award winning strategy. We have spent years perfecting our step by step process that showcases our methodology. When you choose RSI you will experience the difference that quality makes. First and foremost, we sit down with your recruiting team, whether it be Human Resources or your Hiring manger, and quickly learn and understand your corporate culture and skills that you are looking for with this position. We then match our pool of candidates by going through resumes, scanning their background checks and contacting their references. Next, we will provide your company with our top candidates and provide support throughout the hiring process. Further to this, our recruiters will be in constant contact from hiring to the end of the probation period to make sure both our candidate and yourselves are happy with the arrangement.

When you are looking for the best in computer hardware hiring you will experience the experts at RSI firsthand. We have filled positons in the following areas:

Test Engineer

Hardware Engineer


System programmer

Database administrator

Web programmer

Software engineer

Software Developer

Marketing Specialist

Software Design

Only at RSI will you experience the opportunity that we can provide; for employers it is the opportunity to experience the best computer hardware personal in the country for your positon, for employees it is the shot of a lifetime to work with a large firm that can set you up for life. Reach out today to experience the best that RSI has to provide for your company. With our team of experts, and your company’s reputation, you will be swatting away qualified candidate from across the Kansas and Wichita area.


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