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One of the most important jobs in the entire country is Healthcare, they put themselves in danger, save lives and act as a councillor for many on a late night in the Emergency Room. We here at Reaction Search International (RSI) are proud to be one of the top recruiting companies in the entire state of Kansas to provide these true angels to some of the states largest hospitals and clinics. If you have been to a clinic, doctor’s office or the hospital chances are you have chatted or been treated by a RSI placement. Our Wichita Healthcare Executive Search Firm continues to push the boundaries of our health care professionals and have some of the leading placements in the entire Midwest. If you have been looking for the top rated healthcare services recruiting agency in all of Wichita, look no further than the true experts at RSI.

At RSI we do things a little differently than our competitors. We are a proud company and were built on two founding principles that we have continued to this day. First and foremost, transparency in our hiring practices. Transparency allows our clients to know that candidates have been given a fair and ethical chance at a position. If a client wishes to know our methodology, we are more than open to provide that to them, at RSI we are essentially an open book. Secondly, we were founded on the understanding that our hiring’s need to be timely. Many times we are given a contract with a strict deadline, and we here at RSI feel obligated to provide our candidates before the deadline. That is how we work here at RSI, transparent and time sensitive. If you are looking for the best recruiting right here in Wichita, look no further than RSI,

We have established ourselves as a leader here in Kansas, and it is partly due to our step by step program that we use with every hire. This includes a one on one interview with your Human Resources team. This interview is to establish the needs, skills, competencies and of course the corporate culture you are looking to garner in the place of work. Once this is finished, our team of highly skilled recruiters will hand pick candidates that will best fit the position. As well, we will vet these candidates utilizing an in-depth background check and calling their references. Finally, our team will act in a supporting role once the hiring process is finished to answer any questions, and to make sure the new hire fits into the company.

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At Reaction Search International, our recruiting experts specialize in specific careers, including those within the healthcare industry. At RSI, we ask candidates what their ideal career path is and assess their experience and abilities to determine whether they may be successful in that career. When you leave the search for your quality healthcare executive to us, we’ll find the right candidate for your job opening.

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