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Information technology, they are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. When things go wrong, information technology professionals are the ones that are able to save that precious document or recover the fallen program, without them many in the workplace would be completely and utterly lost. Here at Reaction Search International (RSI) our Wichita Information Technology Executive Search Firm strives to produce some of the top ranked candidates in this extremely important field to businesses across Wichita. As the premier executive information technology recruiter we here at RSI continue to develop amazing contacts around the state of Kansas and have the ability to fill any position you have. Give us a call today, and experience the difference that quality recruiting can make in your Wichita based company.

Transparency and Timeliness for your IT Executive Search

When it comes to providing our clients with the best and brightest candidates in information technology, we here at RSI continue to deliver with gumption. Our transparent hiring methods ensure that our hires are not only ethical, but clean as well. If you have questions on our hiring methodology our expert recruiters will be quick to showcase our hiring methods, that simple. As well, we know that many of your positions are to be filled as quickly as possible. Due to this, our recruiters are able to place top ranked quality candidates into positions faster than any other Kansas based recruiter, and that is the RSI promise.

Reducing Your Hiring Risk

Further to this, when you choose the experts at RSI you are choosing a team that is able to utilize one of the industry’s leading recruiting processes. We choose a clear and concise step by step process to make sure that our clients are happy. We first sit down to discuss the skills that you are looking for, the credentials and the equivalencies and finally, the corporate culture you wish to put into place. Once we are finished with that meeting we will then meet with possible candidates from our pool and pull those who we deem a good fit. We then review their background checks, and check with references until we deem them acceptable. At this point we will move to a support role and deal with any issues that may arise during the process. Our Wichita Information Technology Executive Search is here for you, and once hired will continue in a support role for both the company and the candidate.

It is time to experience the difference that quality recruiting can make on your company, and with RSI you will experience the best in Kansas. No matter the size of your company our team of expert recruiters are ready and waiting to make your next hire, the best one yet.

Contact our Wichita Information Technology Executive Search team to learn about our 25 step process and how we can work with you to find your next top tier candidates!


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