Make Way for Generation Y

Generation Y-ers, also referred to as Millennials, are defined as those who were born between the late 1970’s and the early 1990’s. But as the tail end of this crowd is finishing up their college careers and entering the working world, they want to be defined by much more than their birth year.

It is no secret that this group has had a reputation formed on their laziness to go the extra mile and their sense of entitlement over older generations. Their need to do their jobs, their way, on their time, was seen as something that would shake up the business world and result in many problems. But according the Wall Street Journal Online, the tanking of the economy may be readjusting their attitudes.

Now, millions of Millennials are forced to reinvent themselves by proving to their employers how much, and how quickly, they can add value to their organizations. Instead of looking for what they can get out of their company, Generation Y-ers must now focus on what they can put in. Generation Y-ers are using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to gain access to valuable contacts and helpful information. Their pre-existing practice using these channels during their dorm days is finally paying off.

Although they have recently entered, or are just now entering the workplace, the Millennials seem to be aware of the changes that are taking place. They perceive themselves, and their jobs, as being vulnerable just like the rest of the working world. Most employers feel that they are not experiencing the work ethic or behavior from their newly hired Generations Y’ers that they were expecting. Instead, they are witnessing these same workers being a little more cautious about the things that they say, the things that they do, and even the things that they wear. While Generation Y’ers have been branded with a snobbish, slacker reputation, it seems that the state of the economy may just be the kick in the pants that they needed.