Landing that promotion or new opening at a company you want to work for can be yours for the taking if you learn to brand yourself, thereby transforming yourself into a desired commodity, according to

“Each job seeker is a distinctive brand,” said Kirk Scott, director of consumer marketing for “A job seeker’s product is the combination of his/her skills, experience, and education. To successfully land a position, the job seeker must advertise his/her product and tailor it to needs of the prospective employer. The key is making one’s brand relevant to the employer.”

  • Know your target audience. Candidates who demonstrate knowledge of a company and the specific position are noticed.
  • Thoroughly research the position and company online – through the company’s own Web site, and by doing online searches for the company in news articles and interviews.
  • Devise an “advertising campaign” for yourself to sell your product – skills, experience, and education. Highlight how your experience can translate into success for their company, and tell the hiring manager how you will help them increase profits.