PALO ALTO, Calif.—Eric Trailer is counting down to Nov. 21 like a merchant waiting for Black Friday.

“We have anticipated this for quite some time,” he says of that Monday date, adding that he’s tripled staffing at his business in hopes of a sales bonanza.

That Monday is when social-networking site LinkedIn Corp.’s employees can begin selling their stock, and Silicon Valley businesses like Mr. Trailer’s mortgage firm are gearing up to steer the wealth their way.

Car dealers are readying Lexuses and Lamborghinis, jewelers are stocking up on Rolexes and financial advisers are studying how to woo newly moneyed clients.

“I’ve built a team of people dedicated to finding traction with the high-tech crowd” this year, says Don Endo, chief executive of Qvale Auto Group Inc., a San Francisco operator of dealerships selling uber-luxury cars. Recently, he helped stage an event featuring the new $400,000 Aventador from Lamborghini at the swanky W Hotel in downtown San Francisco—conveniently located near a cluster of tech start-ups.

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