As the National Football League season gets under way this week, professional football appears primed to shake off any lingering business damage its four-month lockout might have inflicted.

On Tuesday, the league and PepsiCo Inc. are set to announce a 10-year, extension of their sponsorship deal that ultimately could be valued at $2.3 billion through the 2022 playoffs, making it one of the largest sponsorships to date in U.S. sports.

The deal ensures that PepsiCo brands Pepsi, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Tropicana and Quaker Oats will be official marketing partners of the league at a cost of nearly $100 million a year. It also maintains Gatorade’s ubiquitous cooler presence on NFL sidelines.

The sports drink is one of only two brands other than actual on-field equipment that are integrated into NFL games. (Motorola, which provides the headsets used by the league’s coaches, is the other.)

A person with knowledge of the deal’s details said in addition to the national rights fee, PepsiCo could spend an estimated $1.3 billion on marketing and other NFL-related spending during the agreement. A spokesman for PepsiCo said the company doesn’t disclose its marketing budgets.

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