San Antonio Outplacement and Career Transition Services

If your business is in need of outplacement services in San Antonio, Reaction Search International (RSI) is where you need to be. We are career experts that offer customized outplacement strategies and services to both national and international companies. Our San Antonio Outplacement Services Team can assist any level of employee. We have been in business for over 20 years. During this time, we have provided strategic outplacement strategies to businesses from a range of industries such as:

  • Financial Services
  • Food Products
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Industrial
  • Internet & New Media
  • Legal
  • Journalism & Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • And more


San Antonio Outplacement Benefits for both Employers and Employees

If a business is in danger of failing, an employer might need to merge it with another or reduce his workforce. However, processes such as career transitions can take its toll on both employers as well as employees. This is why we at Reaction Search International focus on offering solutions that are completely tailored according to both clients and employee requirements.

Employees are often unprepared to deal with sudden unemployment. Outplacements ensure that employees are prepared to find and accommodate themselves for their next roles no matter which positions they were employed in before.

RSI helps former employees find new jobs. Our San Antonio Outplacement Services team works with them as individuals or as groups by offering the following services:

  • Resume Distribution to Hiring Managers and Decision Makers
  • Professional Resume Writing (Creating a Resume from scratch or Modifying a current Resume)
  • The Best Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies
  • One on One Career Coaching
  • Linkedin Branding (Creation or Modifying)
  • Private Career Portal
  • Guidance in Cover letters, Thank you notes, and other follow-up techniques
  • Training in job search skills including Networking, Interviewing and Salary Negotiation

The Benefits

Employers who have outplacement strategies in place have a lot to gain to say the least. Some of the most obvious benefits are as follows:

Reduce the Chances of Job Litigation

How would you like it if you were suddenly out of a job especially if it was no fault of your own? Your outgoing employees are bound to feel the same way especially if some of them happen to work at the executive level. They may decide to take their frustrations out in a court of law. A wrongful discharge lawsuit is not something your company can afford especially when it is currently going through a transition. San Antonio outplacement solutions from Reaction Search international will ensure that your outgoing workforce focus on getting their careers back on track instead.

Minimize Expenses Associated with Downsizing

Outplacement services help transitioned employees find new employment fast. And San Antonio outplacement solutions from RSI have proven to do the same faster than industry standards. Our expert analysts and career coaches have helped a variety of business owners reduce expenses in areas such as unemployment insurance, severance pay and continuation of benefits to name a few.

Improve your Corporate Image

Downsizing can tarnish a company’s image in front of potential applicants, partners, downsized employees, customers, investors, the media and even retained employees. Outplacement strategies from RSI prevent bad PR and keep your corporate image intact.

Reaction Search International is now a one stop solution provider for most businesses and can be the same for you. Leave tricky outplacements to us and watch your ROI soar. If you have any questions regarding our services or outplacement strategies contact us and we will accommodate any queries.

Give us a call today to learn about our San Antonio Outplacement and Career Transition Services 1-210-424-0054 or reach out to to request a breakdown of our services and pricing.

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