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Reasons to Make a Job Change

Do you ever find yourself being too comfortable in your current job? Being comfortable is one thing, but too comfortable? Or are you unhappy but feel you have no other choice? If your answers are yes to the previous questions, it is time for you to dig deep and figure out if a job change is in order.

  1.  Ready for a new career: You might find that you are ready for a new career. Of course this goes with a lot of thought and discussion before picking up and leaving your current job. There might come a time where you are viewing your surroundings but you are not happy in the job that you are in or that you feel your college degree could get you elsewhere. The opportunities may seem endless and a desire for a career change means changing jobs.
  2. Better Job/Offer: Perhaps you have been looking to make a job change for awhile but you are just waiting around for the right offer or opportunity. You could be completely content in the job that you are in, but why shy away from an opportunity that might be better? Getting a chance to further yourself in your career might be the last push towards changing jobs.
  3. Bad atmosphere: Making a job change can be as simple as not liking your work environment. Negative vibes from co workers or your boss can make being at work very unpleasant. Nobody wants to show up at work every day if the atmosphere reeks of negativity. Changing jobs because of a poor atmosphere is a smart way to release some unnecessary stress.
  4. There is no challenge: It is a great thing to be so good at what you do that it is easy, but having some challenge makes for a more fun fast paced work environment. If your job is coming too easy, it can make the days go slow and you will find yourself twiddling your thumbs thinking… “Ok, what’s next?” Challenge keeps you on your toes and pushes you enough out of your comfort zone without feeling overwhelmed. If you are not being challenged in the job you are currently in, it is time to make that change.
  5. More Experience: Although you may be sticking to a job you are comfortable/content with, you have to wonder what else you might learn if you were to work somewhere else. You can only learn so much being in one place, and changing jobs will help you broaden your horizons. The more experience the more knowledge you have.


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