Decisions, decisions. When it comes to technology, there are so many to be made—whether you’re a politician, a regulator, a company or a consumer. The debates in this report are designed to make sense of some of the most important decisions facing all these players today.

Should states require online retailers to collect state sales taxes? Does it make sense for workers to be able to use their personal devices for work? Should broadcasters’ wireless spectrum be auctioned off to wireless carriers? Is it better for businesses to adopt open or closed platforms? How much should we worry about the loss of online privacy?

For each of those questions, we sought out passionate advocates on each side of the debate, the people who could make the most convincing arguments for their positions. And then we made sure those arguments talked to each other, and responded to the points made by the opposing side. In that way, we hoped, readers would be both enlightened and perhaps better able to decide for themselves who made the stronger points.

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