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Does the subconscious of your mind actually have the power to make you do things that you never intended to do in the first place? The commercial with the shy, nerdy guy spraying the ax body spray and within seconds every girl within a 10-foot radius swarm… subliminal marketing. The Buick Lacrosse commercial starring Shaquille O’Neal, he talks about how much he enjoys the car and all the perks the car has… subliminal marketing. Who can possibly forget the catchy jingle of the Oscar Meyer bologna ad? Can you guess what comes next? That’s right, Subliminal Marketing. The advertising industry has caught on how to draw in their customers. Breaking it down realistically, advertisers psychologically manipulate the subconscious of the brain and use it to get the consumers to buy their particular product.

The use of celebrities, sex appeal, and catchy jingles are among the top manipulation tactics in advertising.  Another example of the use of celebrities is Michael Phelps for one of their new hot sandwiches at Subway and by using him it is sending a subliminal message to all those fans of the Olympic gold medalist, That this sandwich has to be good, somewhat healthy, and thus proves that subway’s subliminal marketing works. Advertisers use sex as a tactic to appeal to the consumers’ desires, as the ax commercial example represents. Sex sometimes has nothing to do with the product at hand, but in the advertising world “sex sells.” The catchy, and yet sometimes annoying jingles that advertisers throw in with their product, is a smart way for them to get people to remember their specific brand. Oscar Meyer performed very well with this task. Most people can recall at least one or two times that they were sitting at their desk at work or even walking through the aisles at the grocery store and humming that catchy jingle, and not being able to get it out of your head until the next annoying jingle comes along. Annoying, yet it works.

The art of using subliminal messages are quite strategic. The techniques that they use come off as a brainwashing scheme, to get people to buy their product, even if it is something the consumer cannot help. As much as anyone tries to deny being influenced by subliminal messages, you are sadly mistaken. Even if it is not the television commercials, it is the ads on buses, the Internet, train, radio, on billboards, benches, in bathrooms, anything or any place that advertisers think people are going to run into these ads. Face it advertisements are everywhere. The repetition of seeing or hearing things over and over is what leads to this subconscious manipulation and therefore triggers the physical act of buying the product.

There is no escape to being influenced by the advertising industry; it is whether or not you can control the act of buying the product. Try and ask yourself before buying something, if you even have any reason for buying it in the fist place, or if it is your subconscious that is doing all the talking. Manipulation is the key to subliminal messages in marketing, and although cannot be proved to be a real thing, still continues to be a great way to market products.

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