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Since breaking into the Louisville area, our company has excelled at providing our clients with the quality executive search functions that they need to be successful. From filling in mid-level executive roles to community leaders, the team at Reaction Search International (RSI) has been the go-to company for Louisville’s executive search needs. This is no different when it comes to our succession management executive search functions. Our RSI Louisville Succession Management Team works with you to find only the top tier future leaders for your corporation.

The team at RSI excels at providing a customized approach to finding you succession management professional and will give you the support and resources to ensure that we find that perfect fit, every time. We work with your hiring team to ensure that our resource can fit with your company, and we will go the extra step to be there for any questions you may have. From the first contact to when our candidate is in the chair, the team at RSI is here for you.

Our team has worked across the greater Louisville area in the succession management niche and can fill that position that will help your company grow and prepare for the future. Succession management is not only in the next six months, but it can also be a plan that can be adapted and adopted to meet the needs of your growing company over the decades

The Succession Management Specialty Team provides services for clients in the Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Education, Energy and Utilities, Finance, Government, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries.

Why choose RSI?

RSI has been working in the executive search niche for more than a two decades and have been one of the top hands-on recruiters in the nation. We have honed, crafted and distributed our award-winning methodology to our field offices. With some of the most experienced and goal-oriented recruiters in the country, we are confident we can make your next recruiting experience a positive one.

If you are interested in working with the team at RSI to find your next succession management professional, then it is about time that we chatted. We are available to answer any questions that may arise. No matter if you are looking for a middle-level manager or someone new on your board of directors, the team at RSI has the resources, the ability and the expertise to deliver a quality and suitable candidate with ease. Contact us to learn how we can assist your company.




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