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As one of the top executive recruiting firms in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, the team at Reaction Search International (RSI) has been working long and hard to establish our brand in this great city. From working with some of the top companies in the area to the various subsidiaries in the city, we have continued to fill top-level executive roles time and time again. Here at RSI, we commit to providing our clients with quality executives in the succession management niche and any other niche that you may need assistance in finding that ideal executive. RSI’s Omaha Succession Management Team works to implement the most functional Succession planning and processes for your company.

How RSI can deliver that next great executive

As one of the top recruiting firms int eh city, it should come to no surprise that we use our network, and reach to find that ideal candidate, no matter what you are looking for in terms of that perfect fit. Our in-house recruiters in Omaha can work with you to understand your need and identify potential local candidates that will meet or excel your qualifications. If necessary, these recruiters can take advantage of our massive national network, which consists of qualified succession management professional from the west coast to the east coast. If you have a position, the team at RSI can fill it with an ideal candidate, and that has been proven time and time again.

Why local recruiting is better

As a national company, we have seen what the other guys are doing in terms of executive recruiting. It is impersonal and ends up being many phone calls, with little or no personal touch. This is why here at RSI; we take a hands-on approach to recruiting that allows us to understand our client’s needs and wants before we even go searching for that candidate to fill the chair. This personal touch does wonders, and you can also meet with us face-to-face, not through a pixelated Skype call!

The Omaha Succession Management Specialty Team provides services for clients in the Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Education, Energy and Utilities, Finance, Government, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries.

What is succession management?

You may be asking, what is succession management? Simply put, succession management is the ability for a company to complete succession planning in case a senior leader or critical person to the company departs the company on a short-term or long-term basis. Succession management professional creates, maintain and deploy these plans across big or small companies, and can develop strategies that are quite detailed. As well, most professionals can also create and implement rising star programs that will allow your succession planning to include in-house hires. It is a win-win and lets companies come out stronger from senior leader departures instead of confused, and unsure of the next steps.

If you are interested in working with the great people at RSI to find your next succession manager, then it is time that we chatted. Give us a call or reach out here, and let’s see what RSI can deliver for your next succession management executive.



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