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The majority of companies and business are incredibly forward-thinking and future-focused. You want to know what the plan is for the next month, quarter or year. How will you meet your goals, generate a profit and exceed customer expectations? Marketing strategies are put in place, prototypes developed, and spreadsheets are created. Yet, what if these aspects of business and planning for the future are simply not enough if your key employees are not around to oversee and implement your plans. Despite the best business planning or forecast models of the year to come, nothing can be more disruptive to an organization’s planning than to lose the key players who are meant to make the vision a reality. Having a C-level employee or anyone in a high ranking managerial role leaves the company can be an unexpected turn of events that derails even the best-laid plans. Whether an employee decides to take early retirement, parental leave or makes a career change, without an appropriate replacement the company will struggle to cover their loses, this is precisely where succession management planning comes into play. RSI’s Seattle Succession Management Team works to implement the most functional Succession planning and processes for your company.

Seattle Succession Planning is key to future success

Succession management planning is a long term, multi-step process that will ultimately secure the employee factor in your business planning. Succession management planning requires that a company look at their team and identify who is at risk of leaving the company, for whatever reason, and then put in place a plan that will mitigate the loss of employees, especially at the higher levels of management. Moreover, a successful succession management plan will have an added benefit of ensuring your employees at all levels are better at their jobs, striving towards and better prepared for upward internal movement. Throughout the entire process employees at each level of the company are identified as top performers, and they are then encouraged to take part in various training programs which will help prepare them for potential promotions as seamlessly as possible.

The Seattle Succession Management Specialty Team provides services for clients in the Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Education, Energy and Utilities, Finance, Government, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries.

Our process

This process might sound like it can be incredibly time consuming and daunting when you aren’t sure where to start, and quite honestly it is. However, this is precisely where the skilled and professional team at Reaction Search International Seattle can step in and help. With years of experience as a recruitment specialist, we understand the difficulties and stress that are inevitable when trying to fill a high level or managerial position suitably; this is why our team wants to work with you to mitigate these stressors by implementing a proper, suitable and extended terms succession management plan individualized to your organization’s needs.

How RSI can deliver

Our dedicated team will work in partnership with your human resources and management teams to implement and individualized succession management plan that will work best for your business’s current and anticipated staffing needs. We will look at the strengths and areas of weaknesses your staff are facing as a whole and work to fix any issues. We will develop a plan and guide to ensure your success. Give our team at RSI Seattle a call today or reach out here for more details.

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