Succession management and planning a must for future success!

In the corporate world of would you instead hire a new top-level manager or promote someone from within, the answer should be an easy one. Promoting someone from within ensures that both you and he or she are aware of the organization’s mission and future goals. You know what type of employee they are, what they are capable of, their strengths and weaknesses and their work ethic. You should know what they are like both on paper and also in reality during their day-to-day work or intense, high-pressure situations. However, every year many organizations find themselves in a position where they need to replace a C-level position, and the mere thought of doing so with an internal candidate fills them with dread and apprehension. Our team at Reaction Search International, St Louis, believes this should never be a situation to find yourself in. Our professional and dedicated team want to make it their mission to ensure that you and your team are well prepared for internal promotions to C-level positions by establishing a comprehensive succession management plan. RSI’s St. Louis Succession Management Team works to implement the most functional Succession planning and processes for your company.

How succession management can help your organization

In it’s the most basic form, succession management planning is ensuring a reliable and qualified workforce to suit a company’s current and future needs. This long-term initiative will ensure that should a managerial or top C-level position be vacated for any reason your organization is adequately prepared to fill it with minimal disturbance to your daily operations or goals. Our dedicated succession management planning team will work closely with your human resources team, the board of directors or management team to implement the best possible succession plan to meet your organization’s individual needs, rest assured this is not a one size fits all model.

The St. Louis Succession Management Specialty Team provides services for clients in the Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Banking, Biotechnology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Education, Energy and Utilities, Finance, Government, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation industries.

The RSI Process

Firstly, we will look at your organization’s vision for the future, where do you plan to be in the next year, two years or five years. Based on this vision, we can then develop business strategies and attainable objectives to make your vision a reality. Next, we will identify your leadership requirement, by looking at the current leadership we can identify any potential risks in terms of leadership positions being vacated or gaps in the skills or capacity of current leadership that might hinder the organization’s ability to attain the vision. Afterwards, our team will evaluate the organization and potential candidates to fill leadership roles, discussing where necessary the possibility of movement and the long-term plan to determine if selected candidates are indeed interested. Finally, we will be able to create a development plan which encompasses employees from various levels within the organization and will lead to the implementation of the succession and transition plan when the time arises.

RSI can truly deliver

As you can see, this process is one which requires a long commitment and cooperation across multiple levels; the task is daunting, detail-oriented, and time-consuming. However, our team at Reaction Search International, St Louis, guarantees that the effort spent on a well-executed succession management plan will pay off, contact us today to see how we can get started!

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