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The amount of people that suffer from eating disorders in the United States alone is outrageous. Whether it is anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive overeating, statistics show that these illnesses can be fatal. The affects that come with having an eating disorder are underestimated and people need to be educated on how to find and receive help, without feeling ashamed to share their problem. A lot of the time people are living silently and have found they feel completely alone which on top of having an eating disorder leads to many other illnesses. Listed below are the most common eating disorders and their effects.

Anorexia Effects: This is a very dangerous disorder that can cause many problems down the road. For women this can stop your monthly period, which messes with a normal routine that a woman’s body needs. The act of starving yourself can have severe repercussions on vital organs such as the brain and the heart. When your body can feel that you are no longer feeding it, it goes in to protective mode and completely slows your pulse, breathing, and thyroid function. Dehydration is a major effect as well as excessive urination. The color of your hair becomes very dull and brittle as well as your nails. Your body will start to lose circulation due to reduction of body fat and will lead to your body temperature being ice cold and will make it extremely difficult to uphold cold weather conditions. In some cases it can cause bone breakage due to the loss of calcium. Anorexia can lead to other illnesses including: Depression, OCD, and other mental illnesses. 50% of people with an eating disorder are diagnosed as a depressant.

Bulimia effects: Similar to anorexia but instead of starving yourself it is the act of eating large amounts and then making yourself throw up to prevent weight gain. Excessive purging can lead to many different health problems. Your vomit contains stomach acid and doing this on a regular basis begins to wear down on the outer layer of your teeth along with your esophagus and glands being swollen and sore. More serious issues include the loss of specific vitamins therefore leading to heart failure. And in very serious, severe cases binging and purging can lead to a stomach rupture, which is the tissue protruding through the abdominal muscle at the navel and circulation is cut off. The pain persists with any movement at all because of the inflammation going on in your stomach. Bulimia can lead to addictive/compulsive behavior and alcohol and substance abuse.

Compulsive overeating  effects: This disorder is much different than anorexia and bulimia. Instead of starving yourself or making yourself vomit it is uncontrollable eating. All of the effects of this disorder stem from being overweight/obese. Two of the most common and less severe effects are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The more severe effects include being susceptible to certain types of cancer, gallbladder disease, and diabetes.  Like anorexia, depression is something that those with this disorder may suffer from.

Without having the proper help and support when dealing with one of these disorders, it can lead to severe consequences, health problems, illness, and in some cases death. For the safety or yourself or someone else it is important to take action right away.

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