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The Follow up After a Job Interview

There is always a lot of tips on how to prepare for interview and there are not nearly as many tips on what to do after an interview. It is always important to prepare for an interview but knowing what to do after your interview is just as important.

Thank You card: One thing that you can do after you have an interview is send a thank you card. Sometimes sending a thank you note is more effective than an email because it is much more personalized. If you take the time to hand write and send a note it shows appreciation and that you a really looking for a spot at the company that you interviewed for.

Follow up call: Although a thank you card shows your appreciation, it leaves them getting back to you open ended. They could get your thank you note and put it with all the other thank you notes that they get, aka you could completely blend in with all the other people they previously interviewed. Which is why making the follow up call is even more effective. It shows the persistence and can potentially be that extra step that makes you stand out more than the others.

With either one of these techniques, whether or not you get that specific job it will give off professionalism and will make you stand out amongst those who would not think to do so. They will serve as tools for you while in the interview process and give you the greatest potential of getting the job you are looking for.


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