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Where the Jobs Are: Growing Industries

The recession may have downsized your industry, but there is hope for the future. Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your skills and make a transition in your career. New political priorities and technological advances are pushing growth in specialized sectors of the economy. If you are looking for a job for the long-run, start polishing your resume and use your expertise to take advantage of these opportunities:

Cyber Security
In an increasingly technology-based world, the government and companies from all industries are in need of cyber security experts to protect confidential records from hackers. Paper files are a thing of the past, which makes large-scale identity fraud much easier for a computer science major sitting in his basement with a laptop. Social security numbers, addresses, financial records, and other sensitive information can be accessed from half a globe away, which is why hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in cyber security research projects and in attracting new talent to the field.

The U.S. National Science Foundation will receive $108.7 million over the next five years to fund a scholarship program for students entering the information assurance field. Typical majors to prepare you for this career are computer science, software design, and information technology, which will lead you to positions as a computer forensic investigator, software engineer, systems analyst, or digital security specialist.
Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, YouTube, Monster, CareerBuilder, RSS feeds, Wikipedia, Digg – whew, it is a mouthful. Job seekers, clients, and customers are all turning to the Internet to conduct research about organizations these days, so online brand building is becoming a valuable strategy for staying above the curve. Hiring managers are searching for young social media savvy professionals who can establish a strong web presence for their companies. Experts will send updates about company activity, engage audiences, and strengthen partnerships.

The success of most marketing campaigns today will involve social media of some kind; just think Obama’s political campaign. AT&T has even dedicated 15 Customer Service Reps and an Analyst just to its Twitter account. How do you get into this field? Start a blog to show off your skills and get a following, major in communications or journalism, or incorporate social media into your current job.

Health Care
Health care is one of the most stable industries in which you can build your career because there will always be a need for it. Especially in a period when the baby boomers are reaching retirement age and beginning to face more serious medical problems, health care professionals are more in need than ever. About 10 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in America are in the health field, which covers administrative, pharmaceutical, doctor, assistant, and in-home positions. Salaries and benefits are competitive and there is high potential for career advancement, so be on the lookout for a surge of management, IT, technician, and nursing positions.

Across the board job openings, superb benefits, and competitive salaries are what makes the government a highly desired employer for many. Whether you have expertise in public health, security, foreign policy, accounting, engineering, or management, the government will most likely have a fit for you. Over 20 million professionals currently work for the government either at the local, state, national, or international level, and you can find out about opportunities Due to retirement numbers and economic job creation, in the realm of 1 million jobs will open up within the next few years, so be vigilant in hunting for your ideal opportunity.

Renewable Energy
The demand for green technology is on the rise due to increased awareness about issues of global warming, conservation, and sustainability. Politics and media have heavily affected public opinion on environmental social responsibility, and huge sectors of the job market are opening up to accommodate these new philosophies. U.S. energy policy is trending towards less dependence upon foreign oil and more focus upon developing green solutions and alternative sources of energy. The American Recovery and Investment Act has allotted $61.3 billion for tax credits and grants to renewable energy developers and infrastructure projects. Some of the largest endeavors include a smart energy grid, wind turbines, solar systems, and other eco-building efforts.
Private, public, and government agencies will all create new positions in development and research, construction, sales, marketing, and management. As the industry occupies a more significant niche in world affairs throughout the decades, an expansion of job functions and specialized areas will benefit those with the right background.

Civil and Nuclear Engineering top the list in this field. Civil engineers design, develop, and maintain commercial buildings, bridges, transportation systems, roads, and water structures. With the Obama administration’s plan to dedicate $8 billion to13 new high-speed rail lines throughout the United States, an estimate of 320,000 jobs will be created to carry out the projects. The jobs will primarily be concentrated in major metropolitan areas, and positions are typically under the authority of the government.
If you are a nuclear engineer, your near future prospects of getting hired are hot. This field has a high ratio of aging engineers retiring soon, and it is reported that 700 positions will need to be filled per year to close that gap. An understanding of nuclear physics and the study of atomic nuclei are the basic principles of this field, and can lead to jobs within the government defense area, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or in the private energy sector.

Other industries that have been performing well this past year despite the recession are transportation, hospitality and retail. Statistics have shown that transportation job postings are up 73% from the previous year, so if you are looking for immediate employment, consider this high-growth industry.
As the economy starts to stabilize, a greater number of people will be ready to throw off their business suits and slink into some evening wear for a much-needed night out. The food and retail sector have both experienced increased sales every month since February 2010, which means customer service positions will become more prevalent on job boards and in the papers.

One industry you might want to be concerned about is real estate, which has been on the decline and ranks the lowest in job posting numbers.

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