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Reaction Search International performs executive searches in over 35 industries.  Our Oklahoma City CMO Executive Search Services is a retained firm focused on various C-level executives, such as Chief Marketing Officers, through mid-level management roles in marketing. As former executives in many successful growth companies, our team understands the skills, expertise and cultural makeup needed to thrive in this dynamic and competitive environment.

Reaction Search International has leveraged this knowledge and experience to help many Oklahoma businesses attract high impact marketing performers to their teams.

We can make executive recruitment simple

Hiring new C-suite employees, such as VP of Marketing, does not need to be a headache. Our savvy recruiters in Oklahoma take the time to fully assess and evaluate your corporate needs and utilize all resources at our disposal in order to locate CMO candidates who will help you in maintaining your competitive edge in the market.

Also, our talented executive recruiters in Oklahoma provide strict confidentiality, an extensive and diverse network of contacts, impartiality in CMO candidate evaluation, and negotiation expertise and experience.

Reaction Search International is driven by an uncompromising commitment to delivering talent that helps you achieve your vision and business goals.

Our Process to hiring your next Oklahoma City CMO Executive

  • Understand your organization, its culture, values and what type of CMO candidate you need
  • Ask all the right questions as well as listen to your answers
  • Develop a strategic and comprehensive recruiting profile to find the most suitable candidates
  • Recruit both locally and nationally in order to find the best marketing talent
  • Interview CMO candidates as part of our rigorous screening
  • Offer you a superb return on your money and time

Our executive search and recruiting process combines insight and analytics, resulting in CMO candidates that we can recommend with confidence.

Decades of CMO executive search experience

With several decades of experience in executive search, the team at RSI provides hard-won experience in the subtle and nuanced process of attracting the best marketing talent for your important roles.

Reaction Search International uses a proven and effective search methodology and has developed a unique and creative way of presenting an opportunity to capture the attention of high impact marketing leaders in Oklahoma.

Customized CMO solutions to meet your specific business needs

Executive recruiters at RSI are focused on meeting your company’s individual cultural as well as business needs and preferences. No cookie cutters or preconceived notions —only carefully crafted recruitment solutions designed to meet specific hiring goals and business objectives.

With a complete range of executive hiring solutions, RSI gives you the flexibility and convenience that you want at the pace you need.

Contact our Oklahoma City CMO Executive Search Services team to learn about our 25 step process and how we can work with you to find your next top tier candidate!



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