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In the past, Oklahoma City was heavily reliant on its government and energy exploration industries. The city’s two Fortune 500 Companies, Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy, are both oil and natural gas producers. Although these remain huge contributors to OKC’s economy, the city has become somewhat diversified. Major industries in OKC now include information technology, health services, business services, and administration. Diversification has helped strengthen OKC’s economy in recent years. According to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the metro area’s economic output increased 33% between 2001 and 2005 and 42% between 2005 and 2009. In 2008 Forbes magazine named Oklahoma City the most “recession proof city in America.”

Fortune 500 Companies

This is a list of the Fortune 500 Companies in Oklahoma. Two of these four companies are located in Oklahoma City, while the other two are 106 miles away in Tulsa. Both companies in OKC, Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy, are oil and natural gas producing companies.

Inc. 5000 Companies

There are not many high-growth companies in Oklahoma City. The following table lists the fastest growing private companies in all of Oklahoma on their 2012 Inc. 5000 rank. OKC industries that appear to be growing are: construction, health, government services, business products and services, and manufacturing.

Additional notable companies near Oklahoma City:

  • Continental Resources
  • OGE Energy
  • SandRidge Energy
  • Sonic Drive-In
  • Braum’s
  • BOK Financial Corporation
  • BancFirst
  • Interworks
  • Feed the Children
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores


Oklahoma City Snapshot:

Welcome to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, also known as: “The Big Friendly,” “The 405,” and “OKC.” Make sure you load up on gas while you’re here; it’s a long way to wherever you’re headed (through a lot of nothing). Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and the state’s largest city. It is home to one of the world’s largest livestock markets and an abundance of oil and natural gas fields. The city is also home to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. Thanks to Kevin Durant, OKC is finally known for something other than Timothy McVeigh and the terrible 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Oklahoma City has produced many other famous individuals, such as: athletes Blake Griffin, Johnny Bench, Joe Carter, and Sam Bradford; businessmen Clayton Bennett and Sam Walton; actors Brad Pitt, James Garner, and Lon Chaney Jr.; and musicians Garth Brooks and Toby Keith.

Population: 580,000
Metropolitan Area: 1.3 million
Major Industries: Government, Energy Exploration, Oil & Natural Gas, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Business Products, and Business Services
Attractions: Frontier City, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City National Memorial, Centennial Land Run Monument, State Capitol, etc.

Between 2000 and 2012 unemployment rose in Oklahoma as it did in the rest of the United States. As one might expect, OKC’s unemployment rose and fell in concordance with that of Oklahoma. OKC’s unemployment rose sharply from about 3% in 2000 to 5.8% in 2003. It then fell gradually before reaching a temporary low in 2008, at 3.7%. During the recent economic recession, unemployment in OKC skyrocketed up to about 6.4% in 2010. Since then it has decreased to 4.6% (as of August 2012). OKC’s annual unemployment rates have been lower than those of Oklahoma since 2007. Both OKC and Oklahoma’s unemployment rates have been historically lower than the national average. The 2012 rates are much lower than the national average of 8.3%.

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