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With over a decade of collective experience in Education Executive Search Recruiting we understand the education industry better than anyone else. Our Executive Search Consultants have a proven track record of success in Education Recruiting, Consulting, and Placement. From start up education firms to full service contract research organizations, we offer our clients full coverage staffing solutions ranging from staff educators to executive level professionals. Over 50 percent of our business derives from clients who we maintain long-standing relationships with. Here at Reaction Search we can guarantee you an efficient search solution to your Education Industry needs.


RSI is devoted to conducting thorough executive searches in order to provide you with the highest caliber educational professionals in the industry. We help time strapped education employers find candidates who are educational executives that can jump into any position and produce immediate and successful results. Whether you need to locate a new school board president or have to construct an entire educational staff over night, RSI is here to guide you with the necessary candidates and tools to do so!


We maintain relationships with our education executive search recruiters in all the major cities across America. Our Recruiters have a proven skill set to discover America’s top notch education candidates and pair them with the job that fits their strengths and talents. Our extremely high retention rate within the education executive recruiting division is due to the fact that many of our recruiters once held the educational position they are now recruiting for. In light of this, our recruiters know the insider secrets of the educational industry and recognize what skills to look for, what questions to ask and to be able to see the competency within a potential candidate.


RSI’s Education Executive Search Firm team specializes in specific careers. By determining which career path a candidate wants to take, and whether or not they have what it takes to succeed in such a career, RSI can successfully wrap up the search for your new education professional.

While having a rudimentary knowledge of how to organize a lesson plan, the aspirations to prepare students for the future, and the endurance to manage the hardships of the education industry, we also look for the following in our candidates;

Education Requirements:
  • Bachelors degree and above from an accredited institution
  • Meet the requirements of a professional teacher at a school, district and state level
  • Single subject teaching credential if there is a specialization in a single subject
  • State Certification
  • Relevant teaching experience
  • Basic understanding of current technology



Teachers who excel at their work are the teachers who invest their heart and soul into the subjects they teach. When teachers convey passion about their subjects the students become more involved in the content and in turn learn more! No matter what level of education, Whether it is elementary, high school or collegiate teachers must care about their subjects, otherwise the students will lose all respect for the teacher and interest in the subject.


Even though teachers are ensuring todays students are tomorrow’s future, their paychecks do not reflect the hard work that comes with this responsibility. It is necessary for educators to have motivation other than a paycheck to make sure they are in their classroom before the tardy bell.


Being a teacher is challenging because you have a room full of students who all learn at different rates and in different methods. Often times there are a few students who need extra attention in the classroom and it is how a teacher handles these types of students that determines how persistent they may be. The more a teacher is vested in the success rate of a student the more persistent they will be considered.

Understanding and Patience:

Teaching is challenging in numerous aspects but one of the most challenging aspects is the amount of patience it requires. As a teacher you will know your subject content inside and out but your students will not. The process involved in making sure this changes requires a lot of patience and understanding.


Your student’s personalities are going to be as diverse as the subjects you teach. Some personalities will be more trying and free spirited and it is important to remain firm and rigid with these students. A qualified candidate is an individual who must be willing to discipline students when it is necessary


Energy or enthusiasm in your work is must with teaching. This particularly applies to educators at the preschool, kindergarten and elementary school level. The age level of students in elementary school require your enthusiasm as you clean the glue out of their hair, play with them at recess, and teach them their ABC’s.

Problem Solving:

As previously mentioned the personalities of your students will be as diverse as the subject you teach. This means at least two of your students personalities will clash. Candidates should be prepared to handle unruly behavior in the classroom.

Organization and Flexibility:

Teachers are well rounded and educated individuals but that does not mean they come to class and decide randomly what they will teach in class that day. Teachers have lessons plans for their students and these lessons plans are planned in advance. Organizations allow teachers to execute their plans in the most effective method possible. Teachers must also be able to adjust their plans based upon their students preferences.

Verbal and Communication Skills:

A Candidate must be able to communicate with their students. There are different types of learners in a class of 25-30 students. There are different types of learners such as verbal and visual learners. To accommodate these types of learners you will need to say your content out loud and write it on the board.


A successful teacher must be able to adapt to multiple situations. Most importantly adapting to the idea that you will spend nine months with these students and they will have to move on to the next grade. After this a whole new classroom full of students will await you and you will have to repeat this cycle over again.

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