Executive Search and Recruitment Services in the Consumer Products Industry

When it comes to the consumer products industry, few qualities matter more than a keen understanding of what motivates people. Industry leaders know how to compel an audience to become repeat customers by producing quality products that meet a unique need. But in order to meet these goals, you first need leaders who share your vision.

Reaction Search International can help you find and place top talent to bring your company to unprecedented levels of success. Our consumer products executive search recruiting team is powered by an energetic and highly skilled group of consultants spread across the country. Each of our recruiters brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in both national and international consumer product executive searches. We deliver the results you need in the form of top-tier talent. Learn more below.

RSI’s History of Successful Professional Placements

Our versatile background in the industry ranges from nutraceutical to ingredient companies specializing in manufacturing research and development. During our decades of experience, RSI recruiters have built a reputation for going above and beyond to place excellent candidates with each client.

Within the consumer products industry, we’ve built a reputation for drawing professionals in a range of executive positions, from top-ranking roles such as CEO, President, COO and Senior Vice President all the way to roles such as engineers, account executives, scientists and buyers. We firmly believe that every role is crucial to the success of your organization. No matter the position you need to be filled, we’re committed to finding the right fit.

Why Trust RSI for Your Customer Product Executive Search?

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup just getting off the ground, we understand that you want the best of the best to help lead your company forward. In fact, we’d argue that this isn’t a want — it’s a need. As a specialized consumer products executive search firm, RSI can help turn this need into a achievement by finding your next CEO or executive staff. How do we do this?

An Executive Search Firm Network That Spans the Nation

RSI’s success is largely due to the expansive and excellent nature of our team. We have professional recruiters spread from coast to coast, located in every major city in the U.S. Many of these recruiters offer years of personal experience in the consumer product industry. We know what makes your industry unique. We understand what qualities and skill sets your leaders should possess. And we know where to find your industry’s top talent.

Thanks to our geographic diversity, our search is not limited to any location or pool of candidates. We look beyond active candidates — that is, those intentionally searching for new employment — and tap into passive candidates, bringing the job search to them rather than waiting for them to seek you out. Thanks to our industry experience, we know what questions to ask and how to best approach these candidates. Our goal is to turn possibilities into placements — and from there, into endless potential for your company.

A Proven 25-Step Recruitment Process

RSI has fine-tuned our 25-step recruitment process into a proven strategy. While our process relies on a tried-and-tested methodology, our team harnesses market data and insight, as well as your company’s unique needs and preferences, for a tailored approach. Our step-by-step direct recruitment involves using customized data and tapping into network connections to form initial candidate pools. These will be narrowed down to the top talent through quality screening, including background and reference checks as well as thorough interviewing.

Throughout our process, both clients and candidates will enjoy consistent communication at regular touchpoints. We strive for every party to know exactly where they stand, eliminating question marks and resulting in a positive and prompt experience for everyone involved.

We’re so sure of our process that if our recommendation doesn’t result in a long-term hire, our team will replace them with a more suitable candidate at no added cost.

RSI’s Experienced Team of Executive Search Consultants

Our team of executive search consultants for consumer products work hard — and they’re good at what they do. Our executive search services have led to a high retention rate in several areas, including advertising, media and entertainment; consumer durables and nondurables; food and beverage; gaming and hospitality; mass merchandising; wholesale and retail; health and beauty aids, and more.

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