At Reaction Search International, we want to help you find the top-notch executives and talent that will allow your company to perform to its maximum potential. Our mission is to assist employers in the Nashville, Tennessee metropolitan area in connecting with high quality professionals across a variety of industries. RSI utilizes a national network of executive search recruiters located in major cities across the country that know how to find the best candidates for individual client needs. In fact, many of our recruiting experts are industry insiders who have worked in the fields in which they now recruit talent.

With their extensive knowledge of the industries we service, and the many connections they have with the key players and characteristics of the field, our recruiters are adept in delivering superior candidates that, when placed, will begin contributing to your company immediately. No matter the size of your company – and no matter the position you’re looking to fill – RSI’s elite staff of executive recruiters can find the high-quality candidates you need, when you need them. With RSI’s network of executive search recruiters in Nashville, Tennessee, you can take your company to levels of success you didn’t know were possible.


Through in-depth candidate reviews, stringent evaluations and targeting interviews, RSI’s talented team of recruiters can identify, evaluate and source talent that will help you surpass your competition in innovation, strategies and leadership. RSI’s Nashville Executive Search professionals are best suited to finding executive candidates in Nashville’s foremost industries, including entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, publishing, media, hospitality, telecommunications, insurance, finance and construction.

RSI recruits top executives from around the country in a wide range of professions, including: Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace & Defense, Biotechnology, Banking, Board and CEO Services, Computer Hardware, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Computer Software and Hardware, Education, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment & Sports, Financial Services, Food Products, Government, Human Resources, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Insurance, Industrial, Internet & New Media, Legal, Journalism & Publishing, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail & Apparel, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation.


At RSI, we provide our Nashville, Tennessee customers with a plethora of recruitment services. At Reaction Search International, we know that people are the heart of any business, and that it is vital to be respectful, professional, empathic and patient with our clients and candidates in order to better council and guide them. It is also important, perhaps even more so, to be remembered and relevant. The only way to be remembered and relevant is to be in regular contact with clients and potential clients. In order to be relevant, memorable and successful all at once, our executive recruiters use our developed database, their market expertise and, most importantly, conversations, connections and collaboration to provide you with the most suitable executive candidate for your manager, director, VP and C-level position.


Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Reaction Search minimizes the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. Our recruiting experts conduct in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients. We conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria and would be an asset to your organization.


Reaction Search International has been providing clients with executive search recruitment services for more than 20 years. Throughout our history, we have consistently delivered top-notch candidates to our clients. Sales recruiting is the cornerstone of RSI’s executive search recruiter services. RSI has been involved with recruiting and placing job candidates ranging from corporate sales executives to staffing national sales forces for Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of companies – both nationally and internationally – have trusted RSI to build their teams of elite executives. Put your trust in RSI – let them find the right executives for your company today!

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This is a list of the Fortune 500 Companies within 50 miles of Nashville. Two of these companies are located in Nashville and the other two are located in Nashville’s surrounding cities Goodlettsville and Franklin. Nashville’s largest company, Hospital Corporation of America is the largest private operator of health care facilities in the world.

Fortune 500 Co., Nashville Metro Area

However, just because Nashville is the home of only four Fortune 500 companies, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have major companies that operate out of this hub city. Leading Nashville corporations that attract top-notch executives include:

  • Vanguard Health Systems
  • Saint Thomas Health
  • Firestone
  • Nissan North America
  • Gibson Guitars
  • Country Music Television
  • Backyard Burgers
  • Logan’s Roadhouse


RSI’s Executive Recruiting and Executive Headhunting services can best suit those executives looking for a premier Nashville Executive Consulting Firm.



RSI, the leading Nashville Executive Search Firm, understands the Nashville, Tennessee market for executives and managers looking to be a part of the team of some of the nation’s top companies. When companies come to us for executive staffing needs in Nashville, they are generally looking for an Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Publishing, Media, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Insurance, Finance or Construction executive.


Career opportunities aside, why live in Nashville? One important factor to consider is the weather. For many people, Nashville weather is fairly nice. Compared to the average US city, Nashville is rainy, a little humid, and somewhat snowy.

Daily Nashville temperatures are right at the national average all year round. Nashville’s average summer temperatures range from 65°F-85°F and its average winter temperatures range from 30°-50°. These temperature ranges correspond to national average temperature ranges.

Monthly rainfall in Nashville usually surpasses the national average (3-inches/month) all year round. Rainfall is highest in the spring, reaching up to 5 inches /month in May. It is lowest in the fall with about 3 inches per month in September and October. It can also be a little humid in Nashville. Morning humidity levels here can reach up to 90% in the summer. Afternoon humidity levels are typically over 60% all year round. Average US humidity levels are around 80% in the morning and 55% in the afternoon.

Although it doesn’t get too cold in Nashville in the winter, and winter rainfall is about 4-inches per month, snowfall can reach 3-4 inches in January. The city receives less than average annual snowfall, but a significant amount nevertheless. Also, wind speed here is average in the winter and below average in the summer. Sunshine levels are slightly below average all year round.

Take a stroll through the city of rock n’ roll…

Country Music Hall of Fame: Nashville is the home of country music. What better place to build a museum dedicated to country music? In 1961 the Country Music Association established the Country Music Hall of Fame. The first three inductees into the Hall of Fame were Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams. Two years later the CMA commissioned the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to be built in Nashville’s Music Row at Music Square East and Division Street. Also in 1963, Tennessee chartered the Country Music Foundation to operate the museum. In 2000 the Hall of Fame and Museum was moved from its Music Row location to a $37 million facility in downtown Nashville on 5th Avenue. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums.

Warner Parks:

The Edwin Warner Park and the Percy Warner Park are two large, public parks in Nashville. They are part of a park system that Nashville’s Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation manages. The parks cover 2,684 acres, making them the largest combined municipal parks in Tennessee. In 1927, Percie Warner Lea donated the land to the City of Nashville. In 1930, the Nashville Board of Park Commissioners named the parks after Percie’s father Percy and uncle Edwin, who were both former members of the commission. Today, the Warner Parks are great for biking and running. They also contain equestrian trails, athletic fields, and a golf course.

Belmont Mansion:

The Belmont Mansion is a historic mansion in Nashville. Today, the mansion operates as a museum on Belmont University’s campus. The mansion was built between 1849 and 1853 as an Italian villa style summer home for Adelicia Hayes Franklin and Joseph Alexander Smith Acklen. Adelicia was a rich, plantation and slave owner from Nashville and Alexander was a rich attorney from Alabama. Their Belmont estate consisted of: a large, main house on top of a hill; another large guest house with an art gallery and a bowling alley; lavish gardens; conservatories with tropical fruit and flowers; an aviary; a lake; and a zoo that housed bears, monkeys, alligators, peacocks, and a white owl. Again, they were very rich. Today, the Belmont Mansion is a well-preserved museum, filled with Tennessee history.

The Hermitage:

The Hermitage is a plantation and museum 10 miles east of downtown Nashville. The house is famous for being owned by President Andrew Jackson between 1804 and 1845. Jackson purchased the cotton farmland and its two-story log blockhouse from Robert Hays in 1804. Jackson later built a new main house and used the old log blockhouse to house his 9 slaves. By 1820 Jackson’s Hermitage mansion was a two-story, eight-room, Federal-style brick building and his slave count had grown to 44 as his farmland expanded to 1,000 acres. Jackson spent little time at the mansion, as he was off conducting General and President’s duties for most of his career. In 1834 a chimney fire damaged most of the building. The current Hermitage plantation building is a large, Greek Revival reconstruction, built in 1835. In 1889 the Hermitage opened as a public museum dedicated to Andrew Jackson’s life and Southern history in general.

Ryman Auditorium:

The Ryman Auditorium is a 2,362 live performance theater at 116 5th Avenue North, in Nashville. Thomas Ryman, a Nashville businessman, built it in 1892. After Ryman’s death in 1904, it was renamed Ryman Auditorium in his honor. Between 1943 and 1974 the venue was home to the Grand Ole Opry, a country music stage show and performance group. Until the Opry built a larger venue near the Opryland USA theme park, the Ryman Auditorium was known as the Grand Ole Opry House. As of 2012, the auditorium is still in use, but its stage is undergoing renovations. The historic Ryman Auditorium was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

RCA Studio B:

RCA Studio B is a famous recording studio at Nashville’s RCA Studios. The studio became famous in the 1960s when several notable country music legends recorded songs inside it. Engineer Bill Porter is credited with making music recorded here sound better than music recorded at most other recording studios. He created fiberglass acoustic ceiling panels known as “Porter Pyramids” and marked areas on the floor where certain instruments created the most even frequency response. The studio was vital to promoting the new style of country music, Nashville Sound, and reviving country music’s popularity. Several notable artists recorded music at RCA Studios including: Chet Atkins, The Browns, Jerry Byrd, Skeeter Davis, Connie Francis, Don Gibson, Buddy Harman, Waylon Jennings, Charlie McCoy, Roger Miller, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Connie Smith, Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, and Dottie West. RCA Studio B became part of the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

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