Executive Search and Recruitment in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Industries

Reaction Search International has developed an experienced eye for search and recruitment in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Industries.  As a top aerospace executive recruitment agency, We regularly recruit executives able to drive operational excellence, bringing unrivaled skill and industry experience to their positions.

Over more than two decades of operation, RSI has worked with aerospace, aviation and defense clients of all sizes to recruit for a variety of positions, from CEOs and vice presidents to field organization leaders and non-executive board members. We have experience placing quality professionals in vital roles.

Our specialty is actively recruiting passive candidates for executive roles in the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search industries. We utilize a highly successful 25-step search process in order to turn passive talent into high-caliber new hires. Learn more about our strategy — and why it continues to be so successful — below.

RSI Brings Experience With a Range of Leading Companies

Reaction Search International has worked with many renowned industry leaders, including premier commercial aerospace and aviation companies. These include recognized names such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, ATR, Rolls Royce, United Technologies and more.

Many of these clients provide key military and commercial products and services, holding responsibilities that are significant on a national and even global scale. There is no room for error when it comes to connecting these clients with the most qualified and competent professionals. We continually rise to the occasion as aviation and aerospace executive recruiters, locating long-term hires that can positively impact a company’s future.

RSI Follows a Proven Search Approach

Our role as premier aerospace executive headhunters is not one we take lightly. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of experienced recruiters spread across the country. This network allows us to find passive and active candidates regardless of location and do the legwork of recruiting, interviewing and coordinating. Once we have narrowed down the candidate pool to the top tier aviation, aerospace and defense professionals, we’ll pass along our hiring recommendations to you.

Our industry search team follows a tried and tested search approach, which includes:

  • Developing a timeline and priority list with hiring managers, personalized to the client’s needs
  • Setting up a digital project management tool to enhance transparency and communication
  • Developing a thorough inventory of top performers in the aerospace, aviation and defense industry
  • Recruiting passive candidates
  • Scheduling and coordinating interviews for hiring managers
  • Coordinating our recruitment team to conduct a search across the country
  • Screening for quality assurance using a behavioral-based interviewing technique
  • Scheduling and coordinating assessment testing
  • Providing reference and background checks for final candidates
  • Providing regular status reports to assess the project’s ongoing success

Reach Out Today to Select RSI as Your Next Recruitment Firm

When it comes to making hiring decisions, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, time-consuming and damaging to company morale. As a top executive search firm for your industry, RSI can minimize your hiring risk and bring unparalleled success to your company through excellent hires.

Contact our Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Executive Search Team to learn how we can assist you with finding your next top candidate.


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