RSI Is Your Custom St. Louis Executive Recruiter

At RSI, our St. Louis Executive Search Recruiters approach is custom-fitted to your needs. We identify potential talent, help you work through the early planning stages of the placement, assess potential candidates and screen and evaluate each potential candidate for skills, talent and cultural fit. Our work helps secure the best possible professionals for your company.

RSI Is Your Full-Service Executive Recruiter in St. Louis

Executive search firms in St. Louis routinely recruit talent for manufacturing, health care, tech, retail trade, manufacturing and other industry sectors. The Missouri city is home to many major companies, including Express Scripts, Monsanto, Reinsurance Group of America, Boeing, Wells Fargo Advisors, Post Foods, United Van Lines, Post Holdings, Enterprise Holdings, MasterCard and other major companies.

RSI Has High-Touch Executive Headhunters in St. Louis

RSI guides you through every step of attracting the right talent. Our executive search, assessment systems, selection processes and employer services are designed to help you get the right people in the right seats at your company.

RSI is unique because, unlike other St. Louis recruiting agencies, we offer:

  • High transparency and communication: During the process, it’s natural you will have questions. Your dedicated team will be able to answer your questions and keep you involved throughout the process. We speak your language and we’re responsive to communication, ensuring you know where the process is heading.
  • An extended guarantee: We’re so confident we’ll find the right candidate that we guarantee results.
  • Quality candidates: Our in-depth review process ensures we check backgrounds, references, culture fit and more. We dive beyond resumes and applications to get to know the true value of each candidate, and we have access to the passive candidate pool. We only bring you above-average professional talent that’s the right fit for your positions. With RSI, you never have to interview a mediocre or unqualified candidate again.
  • Customer-focused recruiters: Our recruiters are the best in the business. In fact, many of them have worked in the industry in which they now recruit, ensuring they have the contacts, skills and language to evaluate and find professionals in that field. Our recruiters are focused on getting results for you and bringing you professionals which offer your company a competitive advantage.
  • Data-focused approaches: RSI offers a process-oriented, consultative service. We gather and leverage data, market insights and in-depth, independent analyses to bring you not just top talent but professionals with real performance results.
  • Direct recruiting: RSI has carefully built a top recruiting team with experience in over 40 vertical markets. Your dedicated recruitment team handles your entire recruiting process. We do not outsource your needs to anyone else. Instead, we handle every stage of the search for your ideal candidates ourselves.

To enjoy all these advantages and to find the right COO, CEO, CFO, CIO, RPO, executive, manager or other professional, contact us at RSI to get started. When you speak with our team about your needs, we can develop a customized approach just for you. Whether you need recruitment services, outplacement services or other staffing services, reach out to RSI today.

What’s Hot in St. Louis

RSI, the leading St. Louis Executive Search Firm, understands the St. Louis, Missouri market for executives and managers looking to be a part of the team of some of the nation’s top companies. When companies come to us for executive staffing needs in St. Louis, they are generally looking for a manufacturing, healthcare, social services, retail, transportation, biotechnology or energy executive.


St. Louis’ climate is classified as humid continental and humid subtropical. The city is located south of where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi. It has four distinct seasons, as there are no mountains or oceans nearby to regulate its temperatures. The result is warm, slightly humid summers and cold winters.

In the summertime, average daily temperatures are around 75-80°F. Daily highs are typically 90° and lows are usually 65-70°. The air can be a little bit moist. Morning humidity levels are between 80 and 90% while afternoon humidity is usually around 60%. This creates about 4 inches of rain per month. Spring is slightly wetter, at 4-5 inches per month. Average wind speeds and sunshine levels are around the national average.

In the wintertime, precipitation falls to about 2 inches per month. Humidity still remains somewhat high, at 80% in the morning and 65-70% in the afternoon. Average daily wind speeds pick up in the fall and reach 11-12 mph by spring. Sunshine levels are around 50% and about 80% of days are at least partially cloudy. Average daily temperatures are around 30° with daily highs of around 45° and daily lows of around 25°. The city’s snow season lasts from October to April and mirrors that of the national average. Snowfall peaks in January with around 5 inches per month and remains around 4 inches per month until March. St. Louis’ climate exemplifies Midwest weather.


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