Expand Your IT Leadership Capabilities With RSI’s Tailored Search and Recruitment Process

Information technology specialists often serve as the behind-the-scenes masterminds of modern companies, enhancing a business’s cybersecurity, productivity, efficiency and capacity to grow. The information technology executive search is about more than just finding tech-savvy professionals: it’s about looking for top talent that has the skills, experience and persona needed to jump in and start creating results. Reaction Search International offers more than a decade of IT executive recruitment experience to help you find those exceptional candidates.

Are you looking for quality information technology professionals to boost your company’s web presence, run your systems or program new software? RSI can help. Our highly-trained information tech executive headhunters bring their own real-world IT experience to the search process, enabling us to measure both technical skill and culture fit when finding new talent for each client. Learn more about what sets our recruitment process and consulting team apart below.

RSI’s Team Offers Decades of IT Specialty

During our years of search and recruitment for IT roles, we’ve placed a range of executives in positions across the board. This experience has led to a specialized scope of practice, placing professionals in roles from Web Developer and Senior Software Engineer to System Administrator and Information Security Specialist.

The depth of our IT search and recruitment history assures clients that no matter which role you need to have filled — from high-level executives to lower-level management — we can successfully find top talent for your needs. Our track record speaks for itself.

How Does RSI Conduct an IT Executive Search?

Every RSI recruitment process begins from the top of our thorough 25-step process. This proven strategic approach is shaped by the unique needs and desires of each client. We’ll adjust our timeline and interviews to ensure we’re finding the right fit at the right time for your company.

Once we’ve tailored our process according to your needs, we’ll begin the search. Our nationwide team of information technology executive search recruiters reaches across the country — we have an expert in every major city, each one with an expansive network. We’re able to tap into these connections and recruit both passive and active candidates, resulting in a pool of the nation’s top talent.

After narrowing down candidates to the very best of the best, we’ll begin walking through proven strategies to evaluate, interview and place professionals for your company. Our methods include a variety of behavior-based tests, background checks, reference checks and interviews for an in-depth quality assessment.

When it comes to information technology, technical proficiency is an absolute must. We’ll only recommend candidates with a sharp skill set and the ability to jump into your company and immediately begin producing impressive results.

Hire RSI as Your Next Information Technology Executive Search Firm

Across virtually all industries, a growing number of companies are finding themselves in need of IT services. Stay above the curve and give yourself a competitive edge by hiring from the best information technology professionals in the nation. RSI is here to help — contact us today to learn more about what makes our organization unique and how we can assist with your hiring needs.

RSI’s Information Technology Executive Search Firm team specializes in:

  • Technological Producer
  • Web Developer
  • Webmaster
  • QA Engineer
  • Software/Senior Engineer
  • Application Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Software Support Engineer
  • IT Training Consultant
  • Management Information Systems
  • System Administrator
  • Information Security Specialist



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