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Reaction Search International is one of the leading executive search firms in the Charlotte area. If you are a North Carolina company looking for talent matched to your needs, our Charlotte Executive Search Recruiters may be able to help.

Our recruiters are not just recruitment expert. Above all, they are insiders who understand the unwritten rules and current trends of their industries. No matter your company size, your industry or your needs, we are one of the few executive search firms in Charlotte, NC that use data, market insights and analysis to pair your company with the talent you need to make a significant difference to your organization’s future.

An Executive Search Firm in Charlotte That Can Minimize Hiring Risks

Hiring a CEO, COO, manager, executive director or other key position at your company comes with multiple risks. You are investing considerable time and money in the search process, and the person you are hiring will have a profound impact on your organization and bottom line.

When you work with the right executive head-hunters in Charlotte, you can minimize the risk of the hiring process while improving potential outcomes. The right recruiters evaluate what kind of talent you need and consider hard skills as well as soft skills in all candidates. With the right hiring support, recruiters can pre-screen talent and uncover professionals you might not be able to reach and recruit any other way.

At Reaction Search International, we’ll find someone who not only can do the job, but who is also passionate about leading your company into the future and a strong culture fit for your organization. We have experience helping growing organizations like yours by recruiting top professionals in over 35 different vertical markets. We rely on data, market research and a strict process to ensure you get the talent you need.

Executive Recruitment With Reaction Search International

At Reaction Search International, we understand no two executive searches are the same. Whether you are undergoing culture shifts that demand new professionals on your team or you are growing and need new talent with different experience and skills, we can help.

Reaction Search International ensures a custom approach to your recruitment needs. We draw on our industry experience and our local and international contacts to uncover talent. We also support you with executive search services, assessment, selection, screening and other services. Reaction Search International stands behind our process with guarantees and an unwavering commitment to ensure you get the right professionals in the right seats. Our processes, expertise, flexibility and commitment make us stand out in recruitment.

In conclusion, for more than twenty years, Reaction Search International has been helping organizations with their recruiting needs. We don’t just bring the talent to you. In addition, we handle the services you need, whether that’s finding candidates in a challenging market, screening, verifying credentials or anything else. Our goal is to ensure you get the right c-suite executives seamlessly. To see how our services could benefit your business, reach out to us today.

What’s Hot in Charlotte:

RSI, the leading Charlotte Executive Search Firm, understands the Charlotte, North Carolina market for executives and managers looking to be a part of the team of some of the nation’s top companies. When companies come to us for executive staffing needs in Charlotte, they are generally looking for a Banking, Finance, Insurance or Technology executive.


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