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Are you seeking an executive for a job opening at your company? At Reaction Search International, we can help you narrow your search. We specialize in executive search recruitment, and we help match our clients with high-quality candidates who can exceed their expectations. No matter what position you’re looking to fill or the size of your company, RSI can help you find an elite candidate for your team.

Executive Search and Recruitment Firm in Seattle

For a results-driven executive search firm in Seattle, trust Reaction Search International. Our national network of recruiters is located in several of America’s major cities to find top-notch talent across the country, including Seattle, Washington.

Our Seattle recruitment firm will help you identify and evaluate candidates by conducting extensive background checks and interviews, followed by a strict evaluation in which we analyze a candidate’s qualities and their ability to perform well in the job position you’re seeking to fill.

Get Real Results with Seattle Executive Search Consultants

At RSI, our executive search consultants in Seattle work with companies and employers to search for and recruit quality professionals and fill executive roles. Many of our executive search consultants have work experience in these industries, so they know what companies are looking for in their candidates. They can also utilize their connections and industry knowledge to find the best candidates who can meet the needs of your company.

Seattle is a large hub for large enterprises. Of the Fortune 500 companies that are located in Washington, eight can be found in Seattle and its metropolitan area. This city is also home to several other major companies. The major corporations that attract top-tier executive professionals include:

  • Amazon
  • Coinstar
  • Costco
  • Expedia
  • Expeditors International of Washington
  • Microsoft
  • Nordstrom
  • Paccar
  • Safeco
  • Starbucks
  • Weyerhaeuser

RSI’s headhunters can assist companies searching for quality talent to fill open positions. In Seattle, our recruiting experts tend to help companies in the following industries:

  • Business
  • International trade
  • Internet and new media
  • Renewable resources
  • Technology

Our recruiters at RSI understand the Seattle market for executives. Because of their extensive knowledge about the inner workings of these industries, they can ensure that you’re matched up with the candidate who is the right fit for your company and the role you’re seeking to fill.

Recruit Executives With RSI

Are you seeking a highly qualified executive for an opening at your company in Seattle? When you work with Reaction Search International, you’ll find qualified candidates through a fair, balanced recruitment process. We’ll leverage our data and market insights to connect you with above-average professionals who will ensure the productivity and success of your company.

No company wants to deal with the cost of hiring a bad employee, and at RSI, we can help you avoid that risk. Contact us today to search for and recruit executives in Seattle.

Helpful Information about Seattle

Seattle is known for its rain. One of the city’s nicknames is “Rain City.” However, at 37.41 inches, Seattle receives less annual rainfall than New York City (49.92 in), Atlanta (49.68 in), Boston (43.7 in), Baltimore (41.88), Jacksonville (52.36), and several other East Coast cities. Between June and September, Seattle is actually fairly dry. However, Seattle is consistently ranked in the top 5 rainiest US cities by number of rainy days. On average, Seattle receives 0.01 inches of rain 152 days of the year. During November, December, and January Seattle receives half of its annual rain. The city receives nearly 6 inches of rainfall every November — more than any other major US city.

Seattle’s weather is usually overcast. Its skies are at least partially cloudy 70% of days in the summer and 90% the rest of the year. Sunshine levels are very low: around 20-30% in the winter and only about 40-50% in the summer. Average daily temperatures are around 60-65° in the summer and 40-45° in the winter. In the summer, daily highs are around 75° and daily lows are around 55°. In the winter highs are around 50° and lows are around 35°. Morning humidity levels are about 90% all year. Afternoon humidity is as low as 50% in the summer and as high as 85% in the winter. Also, average wind speeds are fairly low: 6-6.5 mph in the fall and 6.5-7 mph the rest of the year. Snowfall is around average, reaching about 6 inches in January. The snowy season typically lasts from October to April.



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