At Reaction Search International, we want to help you find the top-notch executives and talent by offering the services of our many recruiting experts. These experts are industry insiders who have worked in the fields in which they now recruit talent. With their extensive knowledge of the industries we service, and the many connections they have with the key players and characteristics of the field, our recruiters are skilled in delivering superior candidates that, when placed, will begin contributing to your company immediately. No matter the size of your firm – and no matter the position you’re looking to fill – RSI’s elite staff of executive recruiters can find the high-quality candidates you need, when you need them.

With RSI’s network of executive search recruiters in Seattle, Washington, you can take your company to levels of success you didn’t know we’re possible. Our executive headhunters find and place the candidates that will allow your company to perform to its maximum potential.


Our mission is to assist employers like you in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area in connecting with high quality professionals across a variety of industries. RSI utilizes a national network of executive recruiters located in major cities across the country that know how to find the best candidates for individual client needs. Through in-depth candidate reviews, stringent evaluations and targeting interviews, RSI’s talented team of headhunters can identify, evaluate and source talent that will help you surpass your competition in innovation, strategies and leadership. RSI’s Seattle Executive Search consultants are best suited to finding executive candidates in Seattle’s foremost industries, including Internet and New Media, Technology, International Trade, Business and Renewable Resources.

RSI recruits top executives from around the country in a wide range of professions, including: Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace & Defense, Biotechnology, Banking, Board and CEO Services, Computer Hardware, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Computer Software and Hardware, Education, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment & Sports, Financial Services, Food Products, Government, Human Resources, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Insurance, Industrial, Internet & New Media, Legal, Journalism & Publishing, Marketing, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail & Apparel, Sales, Technology, Telecommunications and Transportation.


At RSI, we provide our Seattle, Washington customers with a number of recruitment services. At Reaction Search International, we know that people are the heart of any business, and that it is vital to be respectful, professional, empathic and patient with our clients and candidates in order to better council and guide them. We establish relationships with each of our clients so that our executive recruiters can build a relationship with everyone they come into contact with, and so that they will stay remembered and relevant. They use our developed database, their market expertise and, most importantly, conversations, connections and collaboration to provide you with the most suitable executive candidate for your manager, director, VP and C-level position.


Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Reaction Search minimizes the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. Our executive search consultants conduct in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients, as well as conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria and would be an asset to your organization.


Reaction Search International has been providing clients with executive search services for more than 20 years. Throughout our history, we have consistently delivered top-notch candidates to our clients. Sales recruiting is the cornerstone of RSI’s executive search recruiter services. RSI has been involved with recruiting and placing job candidates ranging from corporate sales executives to staffing national sales forces for Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of companies – both nationally and internationally – have trusted RSI to build their teams of elite executives. Put your trust in RSI – let them find the right executives for your company today!

Seattle, Washington – Executive Search Consultants

In 2012 there were eight Fortune 500 Companies in the state of Washington. Of these eight companies, four (, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Expeditors International Washington) were located in Seattle. The others were all located within 25 miles of Seattle.

Aside from its eight Fortune 500 companies, Seattle is home to other major companies as well. Leading Seattle corporations that attract top-notch executives include:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Costco
  • Microsoft
  • Expedia
  • Safeco
  • Coinstar


RSI’s Executive Search and Executive Headhunting services can best suit those executives looking for a premier Seattle Executive Search Firm.


RSI, the leading Seattle Executive Recruitment Firm, understands the Seattle, Washington market for executives and managers looking to be a part of the team of some of the nation’s top companies. When companies come to us for executive placement needs in Seattle, they are generally looking for an Internet and New Media, Technology, International Trade, Business or Renewable Resources executive.


Seattle is known for its rain. One of the city’s nicknames is “Rain City.” However, at 37.41 inches, Seattle receives less annual rainfall than New York City (49.92 in), Atlanta (49.68 in), Boston (43.7 in), Baltimore (41.88), Jacksonville (52.36), and several other East Coast cities. Between June and September, Seattle is actually fairly dry. However, Seattle is consistently ranked in the top 5 rainiest US cities by number of rainy days. On average, Seattle receives 0.01 inches of rain 152 days of the year. During November, December, and January Seattle receives half of its annual rain. The city receives nearly 6 inches of rainfall every November – more than any other major US city.

Seattle’s weather is usually overcast. Its skies are at least partially cloudy 70% of days in the summer and 90% the rest of the year. Sunshine levels are very low: around 20-30% in the winter and only about 40-50% in the summer. Average daily temperatures are around 60-65° in the summer and 40-45° in the winter. In the summer, daily highs are around 75° and daily lows are around 55°. In the winter highs are around 50° and lows are around 35°. Morning humidity levels are about 90% all year. Afternoon humidity is as low as 50% in the summer and as high as 85% in the winter. Also, average wind speeds are fairly low: 6-6.5 mph in the fall and 6.5-7 mph the rest of the year. Snowfall is around average, reaching about 6 inches in January. The snowy season typically lasts from October to April.

What to do in “The Emerald City”…


The EMP Museum:

The EMP Museum is a large, bizarrely shaped museum in downtown Seattle, dedicated to the history and exploration of popular music, science fiction, and pop culture. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen founded this museum in 2000 and world-renowned architect Frank Gehry designed it. The museum is located next to the Space Needle and the Seattle Center Monorail. It contains rock memorabilia and technology-intensive multimedia displays. The museum’s Northwest Passage pays homage to Washington artists such as Jimi Hendrix, the Kingsmen, Bing Crosby, Heart, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. In addition, the EMP museum houses the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and George Lucas are all members of the Science Fiction Museum’s advisory board. The Hall of Fame includes memorabilia from and exhibits dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost in Space, the Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, and many more science fiction movies, TV series, and stories.

Seattle Great Wheel:

The Seattle Great Wheel is an enormous, brand new Ferris wheel on Pier 57 on the banks of Puget Sound. When it opened in June of 2012 it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the Western United States, at 175 feet. It is the largest Ferris wheel in the US to be built over water. Approximately 200 brave souls lined up to be the first to ride the wheel and paid $13 per ticket. The wheel took 3 months and cost $20 million to construct. It features 42 enclosed gondolas, each of which can carry up to eight people. There is one luxury VIP gondola with red leather seats and a glass floor.

Museum of History & Industry:

The Museum of History & Industry is an accredited museum “dedicated to enriching lives by preserving, sharing, and teaching the diverse history of Seattle, the Puget Sound region, and the nation. The museum’s permanent exhibits such as “This Native Land” (1792-1859), “This Town on Elliott Bay” (1859-1889), “Boom Times, Hard Times” (1889-1940), “Homefront” (1941-1945), and “Our Own City” (1946- present) cover Seattle’s entire European and American history. Other permanent exhibits detail the city’s technological advances and shifting industries throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. MOHAI has around 4 million objects, 100,000 artifacts, extensive archives, and over 3 million photographs in its collection. In December of 2012 the museum relocated to the former Naval Reserve Armory in South Lake Union.

Space Needle:

The Space Needle is the most recognizable landmark in Seattle. It is a 605-ft. observation tower at 400 Broad Street in Seattle’s downtown area. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, which took pace in Seattle. Over 2.3 million people visited the tower for the World’s Fair. When it was built, the tower was the tallest structure West of the Mississippi River. It can withstand winds up to 200 mph and earthquakes up to 9.1 in magnitude. It also has 25 lightning rods on its roof to prevent damage from lightning. At the top of the tower are a gift shop and a rotating SkyCity restaurant. BASE-jumping from the top of the tower is illegal without the city’s consent, but 6 people have managed to do it (4 as promotions, 2 were arrested). In 1999 the Space Needle was designated a historic landmark.

Fremont Troll:

The Fremont Troll is a crazy piece of public artwork under Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Four Seattle artists (Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Whitehead) sculpted it in 1990. The troll is 18 feet high and weighs 13,000 pounds. It’s pretty terrifying. There isn’t much more to say about it, just… look at it…

Virginia V:

The Virginia V is the last Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet steamer in operation. The Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet was a large number of private freight boat companies that transported people and products all over the Puget Sound. The peak activity for these steam boats occurred between the first and second World Wars. Anderson & Company constructed the Virginia V in 1922. The boat operated a daily route from Seattle to Tacoma until 1938. In 1934 it was nearly destroyed in a storm; but it was rebuilt and re-launched later that year. In 1968 a group of steamboat enthusiasts from the Northeast Steamship Company purchased the ship. They helped place it on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1973. Since it underwent major restorations in 2002, the ship has been providing public excursions and private charters throughout Puget Sound. Today the Virginia V is a National Historic Landmark and a throwback to a different era in Seattle’s history.

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