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Reaction Search is a nationwide Telecommunications executive search firm dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber Telecommunications professionals. We’re talking about telecommunications executives who can step into a telecommunications position and begin contributing to your company immediately. Whether you need to find a telecommunications CEO or to build an entire telecommunications team virtually overnight, Reach Search is the answer to your telecommunications executive search needs. We connect time-strapped telecommunications employers with talented telecommunications candidates.


An energetic and highly skilled group of Telecommunications recruiting consultants, with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, powers RSI’s telecommunications Executive Search Firm Specialty Practice.

RSI delivers for our client’s national and international Telecommunications Executive Search Firm needs. Our Telecommunications Executive Search Firm team is comprised of individuals who attract and place professionals in capacities that include the following Telecommunications Search areas:

  • President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Engineer
  • Account Manager



RSI has a network of professional Telecommunications executive search recruiters located in major cities across the country. These telecommunications recruiters have a proven process to find quality telecommunications candidates and match them to positions that fit their particular skill set. Many are industry insiders who have worked in the positions for which they now recruit talent, and use this advantage to perpetuate RSI’s extremely high retention rate within the Telecommunications Executive Search Division. They are familiar with the key players and the “ins and outs” of the telecommunications field. These telecommunications executive recruiters know the questions to ask, and are able to quickly assess candidate competency. These insights enable them to consistently recruit premium applicants.

Companies, at their hearts, are not made of products, brands or balance sheets, but people.

Successful companies consist of people who can navigate the business landscape and product a string of victories, people who can establish real ambitious objectives and then achieve them.

Finding and securing the person who can do both is not easy. It requires a careful analysis of your needs, challenges and plans that reach far beyond a job description. It requires collaborating with a Telecommunications Executive Search firm that understands your business, and can help you locate and secure the people who will contribute to your enduring success.


RSI’s Telecommunications Executive Search Firm team specializes in specific careers. By determining which career path a candidate wants to take, and whether or not they have what it takes to succeed in such a career, RSI can successfully wrap up the search for your new Telecommunications professional.

While having basic knowledge of technology is required in our candidates, we also look for the following:

Patience and the Ability to Keep Cool:

This is a trait that is necessary in all customer service jobs, but I don’t think it is truer than in telecommunications. In this industry, people come in—or call in—from everywhere, and if they’re not looking for a new device or to set up a new plan, they’re looking to get something fixed. Even though they cannot fix it themselves, they will get mad at employees for not being able to fix their device or their problem in a record amount of time. If you have ever been in an AT&T or Sprint or Verizon store, you will know that it can take half an hour to two hours to even see a clerk, especially if there is only one working at the moment. Then add another hour on top of that for them to resolve the issue. It doesn’t take them so long because they are bad at their job, but simply because those tiny devices are actually quite complicated. If a candidate wants to work in this industry—whether in a store or in a call center—they must be prepared for some very impatient, very angry people. And they must deal with them with a spring in their step and a smile on their face, no matter how rude a customer may be.

Knowledge of Your Product:

When customers come to you, again, it’s for one of two reasons: Either a) they want to buy something or b) they want to fix something. Either way, CANDIDATES MUST KNOW YOUR PRODUCT. If a customer is looking to upgrade their plan, it is up to the employee to figure out the best plan for their needs. If they are looking to buy a new cell phone on which they can send emails and take videos, candidates have to know exactly which phones offer those services. If their internet works in one room of their house and not the other, employees must figure out not only why, but also how to fix it. If a customer comes to your company and all your employees can say is, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this,” sooner or later, they will start looking elsewhere, which more than likely will lose you business, and therefore, them their job.

Selling Skills:

Depending on what area of telecommunications a candidates is working in, some careers within this industry—especially the in-store positions, is essentially like working in sales—they are trying to show off your company’s products in the best light possible, that way customers will buy it, even if it’s not exactly what they need, or if at all. In order to do this, candidates must have the following:


Having a genuine love for your product makes them all the more irresistible to your customers. Passion cannot be faked, so it has great weight with shoppers.


Why are used-car salesmen so poorly regarded? Because the perception is that they lack integrity and that they’ll say anything to get the sale. Instead of going in for the kill, your employees need to know how to build a relationship with your customers, that way when they recommend a product or a plan, customers will trust them, and will feel comfortable with the purchase they made when they leave your store.

Feeling good about a purchase is a hallmark of buying from a salesperson with integrity. That feel-good feeling brings customers back, and that’s a key factor to the success of any salesperson.

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