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Are you in the telecommunications industry and seeking your next breakthrough talent? Like any employer or hiring manager, you want to be confident that you’re hiring the best of the best. You need a professional who can step into your company and immediately begin producing high-quality results with minimal training required.

Facing hiring risk is certainly a challenge when it comes to hiring new personnel. As one of the nation’s leading telecommunications executive search firms, Reaction Search International is here to help close the hiring risk gap and place premium talent that you can count on. Decades of telecommunications industry insight and a well-honed recruitment pathway have led us to successful placements, time and again. Let your search end with us today — we’ll do the rest.

RSI Offers an Impressive History of Telecommunications Executive Placement

Search and recruitment is a complex task, requiring a balance of technical expertise, excellent communication, detective-level sleuthing and unmatched dedication. RSI combines these qualities and more to find the right candidates that result in long-term quality hires. Our success is made possible by a highly-skilled and committed team of recruiting consultants, otherwise known as our telecommunications executive headhunters.

These specialists bring firsthand industry knowledge and a fiery personal drive to each client’s search, leading to placements in every executive branch. Our history of successful hires includes CEOs, COOS and Presidents as well as lower-level executives such as Brand Managers, Engineers and Account Managers.

RSI’s Proven Telecommunications Executive Search Process

Since we first began specializing in telecommunications executive recruitment, our team has created and fine-tuned a 25-step search and recruitment process. This step-by-step template has been proven to deliver reliable strategic results targeting the top 5% of passive talent. Throughout this process, we record all insight on a shared project management tool to enhance our transparency and communication with each client.

Our search process reaches deep into every network connection and includes a variety of assessments and background checks to ensure unmatched quality control. We’ll never make a hiring recommendation until we’re confident — and we’re not confident until every stone’s been upturned.

How RSI Is Poised to Deliver Outstanding Hiring Results

  • A nationwide team: Our team isn’t locked down to any one location. Our telecommunications experts span the nation, allowing for unlimited search potential.
  • People-driven mindset: When it comes down to the bottom line, companies aren’t about a product or a brand. They’re about people. RSI puts community first, whether those people are our team members, clients or candidates. We seek to understand each client’s culture and needs and ensure we find top talent that will fit perfectly into your work dynamic.
  • A data-driven approach: Our 25-step process has been honed by experience and learning, but is shaped first and foremost by quantitative data. Your hiring decisions are too important to be left to chance, which is why we harness market insights and data analytics to ensure our approach will succeed.
  • Customized to minimize hiring risk: Our approach is tailored to each and every client. Our customized, client-focused mindset ensures we stay adaptable during our search. This personalized approach helps ensure chosen talent is a good fit for your company. If our recruitment doesn’t result in a long-term hire, we’re committed to finding a better fit at no extra charge.

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Interested in learning more about how our 25-step process can positively impact your company’s hiring processes? Contact our team today to discover more and begin your telecommunications executive search and recruitment journey.


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